Wireless Week

When it comes to U.S. prepaid carriers, Cricket Wireless remains one of the best out there. With its “taxes included in pricing” structure to its excellent discounts for autopay and multiple lines, there’s a lot to love about Cricket. Now Cricket is getting even better for those who find themselves frequently making trips to Canada or Mexico.

While Cricket Wireless already offered free calling and texting from the US to Mexico and Canada, now they are also adding free calling and texting to the US from Mexico and Canada. The new feature will go into effect on August 2nd for those in Mexico, with Canadian support coming “later that month”. For those that travel, this is certainly an excellent freebie. That said, this is a small restriction for calls made from Mexico to the US: they cannot exceed 50% of the total usage from the customer each month for any consecutive three-month period or the account could face termination.

For more details on Cricket Wireless and its plans, be sure to check out their official website.

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