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Crescendo Launcher is a new app that is not designed to blow you away with amazing icon packs or endless customization settings, it just keeps your experience pleasantly simple. As the name implies, Crescendo Launcher is a Home screen replacement app, but it takes a different approach to the Home screen than you might be used to.

Most Launchers out there have a unique design element to them that makes them special. Many support custom icon packs, and they all provide the user with settings for almost every aspect of the Home screen and app drawer in the name of customization. This can be a little too complicated for some users, in-fact, the stock Android experience can be a little too complicated for some users, which is where Crescendo Launcher comes in.

Crescendo Launcher Apps Landscape

Crescendo Launcher streamlines Android into a very simplistic interface that serves to answer one main question – What do you want to do?

As you can see in the images, Crescendo Launcher eliminates the complications of setting up a typical Home screen. Instead of icons and widgets scattered about, you are offered the date and weather, plus a few simple answers to the above question. The options are pretty simple, do you want to: make a call, use the camera, look at photos, browse the internet, write an email or use your apps. A Help button and Settings button round out the on-screen items. Simple words for simple actions.

In addition to providing a super simple interface, Crescendo Launcher has a tool called NetManage that should save you some data and extend battery life. NetManage is simple enough, it keeps your WiFi and mobile data turned off until you need to use it.

Crescendo Launcher Apps

As you might imagine, Crescendo Launcher will not be the Launcher of choice for the average Android Authority reader. However, Crescendo Launcher may just be your choice of Home Screen replacement when setting up your not-so-tech-savvy family and friends on their devices. I can see this being effective for younger children as well, providing a limited set of options and apps.

Crescendo is free to install from the Google Play Store, and offers a few in-app payment premium features.

How do you like your current Launcher, is it tweaked and molded to perfection?