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Crap! I’m Broke! is essentially a millennial simulator (UPDATE: now available!)

In Crap! I'm Broke! you'll navigate the hellish landscape of wage slavery, all set to jazzy music, graphics, and tongue-in-cheek humor.

Published onOctober 12, 2016

Update, October 12 -- Ready to survive the harsh reality of living with scarce resources? Crap! I'm broke: Out of Pocket is now available from the Google Play Store. It is not a free game, though. You will have to pay $1.99 for it. Go get it!

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Original, Octover 5 – A new game is heading to the Google Play Store next week going by the name of “Crap! I’m Broke!” It’s a tongue-in-cheek life management simulator in which resources are scarce, rewards are doled out in disproportionately scarce amounts, and everything can fall apart at a moment’s notice. And yet somehow, you’re having a good time laughing at the futility of your own situation all along. It’s basically the general millennial experience distilled in mobile game form.

What makes Crap! I’m Broke! entertaining rather than frustrating is the pervasive sense of ironic humor matched with a jazzy soundtrack and minimalist graphics. Shoved out into the “real world” with not much to go on, it falls to you to find a job no matter how little it pays, be it fry cook or human statue. Stay on the prowl for “Help Wanted” signs while grinding through your day job for lackluster pay and fending off your bills and trying to eat enough food to stay alive.

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Your bills bar and hunger meter are constantly decreasing, so you have to keep your wits about you to keep going. Do good enough, and you might even get “Employee of the Month,” which unlocks a new set of challenges and potential bonuses.

All of the games possible jobs come with intriguing little mini games to get you through their respective work days. The game’s “karma” system is surprisingly complex, and short term disadvantageous decisions made for the greater good can come back later as a boon.

What’s particularly refreshing about Crap! I’m Broke! – in addition to it being delightful social satire – is that it’s a whole game that you get for forking over $1.99. There are no in-app purchases, ads, or additional content to pay for. In a world besieged by the Free-to-Play model, this is a pretty nice change of pace.

Stay on the lookout for Crap! I’m Broke! This will probably be one you won’t want to miss. The game will arrive in the Google Play Store on Tuesday, October 11th. Let us know what you think about the premise in the comments below!

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