Update (04/02/16): Looking to learn more about this cool new feature? We know it can be a little hard to get all the details from a simple announcement. Build 2016 was all about developers, so there is plenty of information to go around. Some of it we will understand, most of it we won’t (unless you are developers), but at least now we have a video of the full session. Here it goes:

Microsoft has announced it is working on a new cloud notifications center that will allow Cortana to deliver Android notifications direct to your Windows 10 PC. Microsoft confirmed that messages, missed calls and other notifications can be delivered to your desktop and that you will be able to respond to them directly.

The news comes from Microsoft’s Build 2016 developer conference and will reportedly be restricted to Android and Windows 10 Mobile devices due to the “walled garden” of iOS notifications access. Once the service is up and running, you’ll even be able to dismiss Android notifications on your phone from your PC.


All of this will require you to install Cortana for Android – which isn’t a bad thing – but you might have to then evaluate which service you prefer. With multiple apps allowing for PC notifications and Cortana rivaling Google Now and voice search, you might have a little experimenting to do before settling on the right solution for your needs. Still, more options are better than not enough.

Do you already use Cortana? Do you see this causing problems for Pushbullet and its like?

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