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CooTek’s TouchPal AI-powered keyboard is a gamechanger

With these AI capabilities, TouchPal that may become many people’s go-to keyboard app. How does it stack up against your current keyboard?

Published onJuly 3, 2018

For a long time, the keyboard mobile app market has been dominated by fairly straightforward, serviceable interfaces. Keyboards are simple things, after all, and most attempts to reinvent the wheel by bringing along a bit of pizazz have resulted in clutter rather than increased functionality. But now CooTek has launched a seriously upgraded keyboard application TouchPal that may just become many people’s go-to option.

TouchPal is perhaps the smartest keyboard we’ve ever seen. The app is the company Cootek’s core product, and it combines AI predictive features seamlessly with an in-keyboard AI assistant.

An impressive AI-powered keyboard application doing something effective in a space where innovation is scarce

The resulting product is one of those apps that, after you’ve been using it for awhile, it becomes impossible to go back. You might think your keyboard’s predictive text is ‘good enough,’ but once you get used to TouchPal’s contextually astute AI engine you’ll notice how much slower you type going back to a regular keyboard.

The TouchPal keyboard app’s prediction accuracy is astoundingly accurate, and we’ve seen a significant increase in typing speed through regular use. TouchPal does this by taking into account the entire conversation and the content you’re actively typing, anticipating things like gender-correct pronouns.

In a move that appears to be the first of its kind in the industry, the TouchPal mobile keyboard application comes with a fully integrated AI assistant that is literally at your fingertips in any app using a keyboard. “Talia” uses deep learning technology to get increasingly better at recommending responses for you with its Smart Reply feature, and it supports a bevy of assistant standards like weather forecasting, recommending dining experiences, converting currency, and performing calculations. The assistant also actively seeks out relevant gifs and emoji predictively, letting you spice up your conversation without hassle.

That means that you have all the power of an AI assistant across all of your keyboard-facilitated apps without having to multitask or swap between apps. Your assistant is always right there at your fingertips, so you won’t miss a beat in your conversations.

The official version of Talia was just released on the Google Play Store, so you can check out all of its robust features in just a few taps today.

TouchPal is the smartest mobile keyboard app we’ve seen

Also coming down the pipe for TouchPal are AR emoji. Unlike Apple’s Animoji, which only works on iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera system and iMessage, TouchPal’s AR Emoji is compatible with all front cameras on any Android device and works on many popular messaging apps. Bring your favorite emoji to life with your own face on any Android device!

In addition to the AI features, TouchPal naturally boasts the typical features of the modern virtual keyboard: stickers, themes, emoji, themes, and “BoomText,” which lets you instantly convert text to colorful gifs. In addition to predicting gifs and stickers, you can of course also search for emoji, stickers, and gifs using keywords.

Download one of the best AI-Powered keyboard apps available

All in all, TouchPal is an impressive keyboard app that is doing something very effective in a space where innovation has been hard to come by. Click the button below to give it a spin; see if you, like us, find it hard to go back to your standby keyboard after a couple of days’ use.

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