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How to convert a JPG to PDF on any device

Turn your image into a PDF document.
December 2, 2022

Image file types are versatile. However, in certain situations, you’ll need imagery in a PDF document rather than a JPG. Appending an image to a scholarly paper, for example, is best done in a different file type. Let’s review how to convert a JPG to a PDF on any device.

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To convert a JPG to PDF, the easiest way is to go to the Adobe JPG to PDF website. Press Select a file, then find the JPG you want to convert and select it. When the file conversion is complete, select Download.


How to convert a JPG to PDF on Windows

Converting a JPG image file to a PDF is incredibly easy — and it doesn’t require you to use one of the sketchy websites that automatically convert file types.

Start by opening File Explorer and locating the JPG file you want to turn into a PDF. Right-click it, then select Print.

print jpg
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Next, set your printer to Microsoft Print to PDF within the Print dialog box. Click Print.

microsoft print to pdf
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After clicking Print, the File Explorer will open once more. Choose where you want to save your new file, give it a name, and your computer will save your JPG as a PDF.

save jpg as pdf
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How to convert a JPG to PDF on a Mac

convert jpg to pdf on a mac
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On a Mac, open the image in Finder, then go to File > Export as PDF.

How to convert a JPG to PDF on Android

Converting a JPG to PDF is still possible on mobile. On Android, you must visit the official Adobe website for file conversion.

  1. In a mobile browser, go to This is the image file to PDF converter website.
  2. Tap Select a file.
  3. Find the JPG you want to convert and select it.
  4. Wait for the file conversion to finish. When ready, tap Download.

How to convert a JPG to PDF on an iPhone or iPad

  1. On the iPhone or iPad, open the image in Photos and open the Share menu. Tap Print.
  2. Within Print Options, tap the second Share menu at the top to bypass the printer.
  3. This now converts the image into a PDF file. You can now export it to another app or save it to your device’s files.

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