Updated to reflect that Newton still has a free version. A previous version of this piece did not include that information. We apologize.

Just as slinging a tassel across your hat and grabbing an elegant piece of paper won’t necessarily give you new abilities, such is the case with the email app formerly known as CloudMagic. However, the email client is getting a title and what its developers believe is the right to command a premium salary.

CloudMagic is “graduating to be a more mature product and identity,” according to its developers. As such, the multi-platform app has been rebranded “Newton”. The new app retains much of the same structure as CloudMagic and you’ll be able to use the app for free or pay $50/year for the premium features.

Beyond a new name, Newton looks and feels a lot like CloudMagic. There are some minor aesthetic changes here and there, but the majority of features its developers believe warrant the premium price tag were rolled out months ago as the three-year-old app matured to what it is today.

Features filling out the qualifications and experience sections of Newton’s resume include its ability to snooze messages and check them later, schedule delivery times for messages, call back emails before they embarrass you and to notify you when a recipient reads a message. Newton still has its Cards feature as well, though the workflow notifications system has been rebranded as Connected Apps. And Newton still has Sender Profile, too.


Sender Profiles are cards that compile a quick profile of people who send messages to you. Sender Profiles give you a rundown on a sender’s credentials, so you don’t have to burn time Googling people before determine if you’re going to reply or ignore.

While they say they felt CloudMagic was worthy of a premium price tag, Newton’s developers reasoned that they wanted to build out the email client first because they were concerned they’d have a difficult time touting app’s foundation. The app’s email aggregation software is all in the cloud and it’s true that it can be difficult to sell consumers on backend features, hidden from public view.

If you’d like to put Newton in charge of aggregating emails from all of your accounts, you’ll have to pay it a salary of $50 a year. It’ll intern for you for free for 14 days. But after that, you’ll have to pay for its work. Those who were previously CloudMagic users will be privy to the same 14-day trial upon update. Of course, you have every option to not pay that and continue using the app with its free features.

Newton is available now on Android, iOS and Mac. If you already bought Sender Profile or the Mac app, you’ll get a free year of Newton.

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