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Facebook app getting bloated? Here's how to delete the Facebook app's cache

Here's how to delete the Facebook app cache.
April 13, 2022

As you use the Facebook app, it stores files to reference later. The data is stored in the app’s cache, saving you time performing specific actions. However, you might want to clear the Facebook app cache due to storage concerns or if you’re having problems using the app. Here’s how to delete the Facebook app cache.

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To clear the Facebook app cache, go to Settings-->Apps and notifications-->See all apps-->Facebook. Tap on Storage and cache and then select Clear cache.

How to clear your Facebook app cache

On your phone, go to Settings–>Apps and notifications–>See all apps and tap Facebook. Open Storage and cache and select Clear cache.

If you’re clearing the cache for troubleshooting, you might want to tap Clear data. Keep in mind that the steps might differ depending on your device. You are looking for the Apps section in the phone’s settings menu.

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Clearing the cache resets the app so that it will remove your login information and other temporary files. You will need to sign in to your Facebook account again.