Chrome browser teaser 2

In a wait-we-didn’t-already-have-that? move, Chrome is adding Pause and Cancel functionality to their downloads. These new features come with Chrome 50 (we’re currently on 49) and will allow users to, yes, pause and cancel their downloads.

There’s basically two ways that the browser currently handles downloads. When you click a download link, for instance, then the browser actually passes off the download to a separate app called download manager. That’s not the kind of download that we’re talking about here (although we should note that download manager doesn’t have pause or cancel capability either). However, if you’re downloading something using a long-press – the most common use of this is downloading images – then the browser downloads the file through its own system. Once we hit Chrome 50, you’ll start seeing convenient little buttons under files downloaded this way marked “Pause” and “Cancel.” So far, the cancel button is a little buggy, but Chrome 50 is still in development, so that’s not too surprising.

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Downloads that go through the download manager are also getting a cancel button (but not a pause button) but it’s through an entirely different update. Android N will be bringing this function to download manager, so unless you’re running a Nexus device you probably shouldn’t be holding your breath for that cancel button to arrive OTA.

It’s not game changing, but it’s nice to see Google still tweaking and developing apps that have long been our standbys. While we’re waiting around for Chrome 50 to arrive, let us know what you think of this update in the comments below. Total snoozeville or long-awaited perk? Tell us your opinion!

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