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Chrome 50 has now been released to the stable channel for Windows, Linux and Mac. Besides the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements, Chrome 50 also promises to deliver more reliable push notifications and faster page loading times.

The Push API in Chrome 50 uses a new notification model called Push Notifications Payload, which basically bundles push notification content with the message itself, meaning faster delivery times and fewer errors with out-of-sync or missing notifications.

Chrome 50 can also detect when a notification has been dismissed or dealt with on a particular device and sync that action with your other devices – so no more swiping away notifications on your tablet that you have already handled on your phone.

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Chrome 50 also allows developers to create custom button icons and time stamps for their notifications. Users will be able to set their preferred notification settings including whether or not an alert sound is played, vibration is enabled or whether the notification comes in silently.

As far as faster loading times goes, Chrome 50 now preloads resources flagged in advance by sites, so, for example, text can be loaded near-instantly, with background images coming later. Last but not least, Chrome 50 adds a pause button for downloads as well as a cancel button. The Chrome update for Android and Chrome OS will be arriving shortly.

What is your browser of choice? Do you use the same browser on desktop as mobile?

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