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Deals: Become an AI master with these amazing ChatGPT offers

Save up to 98% on these resources and harness the power of this exciting new tech.

Published onFebruary 11, 2023

ChatGPT for the Absolute Beginner Deal Image
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When I first tried ChatGPT I had two conflicting thoughts that you might have shared when you experienced it. The first was excitement that this is a revolutionary piece of technology with almost limitless potential. The second was the realization that this chatbot is going to take my job one day.

Become an expert in this state-of-the-art tech.

If you can’t beat them, join them. ChatGPT might be about to put us all out of work, but harnessing its power could future-proof you as an early adopter and lead to all kinds of interesting opportunities.

That’s where these excellent deals come in. We’ve been alerted to three game-changing offers that complement each other perfectly and give you all the skills and resources you need to become an expert in this state-of-the-art tech.

Deal 1 — ChatGPT for the Absolute Beginner

This learning kit is the ideal way to learn what ChatGPT is capable of and how to use it. Across 22 short lessons, you’ll be taught the basics of how it works, learn how to use it to explore types of information, and even discover its aptitude for writing stories and musicals.

The crash course is valued at $199, so by paying just $9.99 for it in this deal, you’re saving yourself a massive 94% on the retail price.

Deal 2 — The 2023 Ultimate AI ChatGPT & Python Programming Bundle

This extensive bundle is your guide to how ChatGPT could be your next business partner.

The AI chatbot is an amazing programming assistant, both for writing code and troubleshooting issues with your work. Over 14 learning kits and 86 hours of training, you’ll combine ChatGPT with Python to create AI models, program robotics, and even hack systems.

Thanks to the massive discount on offer, the bundle is on offer for just $39.99 ($2,746 off) right now.

Deal 3 — ChatGPT WordPress Plugin: Lifetime License

After all that learning, you’ll be ready to use ChatGPT to assist you in your next endeavor. If that’s going to be in producing online content then the ChatGPT WordPress Plugin will be very useful.

The plugin can revolutionize any website in two ways. First, it can add ChatGPT to the backend and save you a fortune on hiring people or using your own time to produce content. Alternatively or in addition, it can be made available to your users on the front end as a guide.

Thanks to this deal, you can get a lifetime license to the plugin for a one-time payment of $59 ($240 off).

These are time-limited deals so don’t miss your chance. The widgets below take you to them.

See price at TechDeals
ChatGPT for the Absolute Beginner
ChatGPT for the Absolute Beginner
See price at TechDeals
The 2023 Ultimate AI ChatGPT & Python Programming Bundle
The 2023 Ultimate AI ChatGPT & Python Programming Bundle
See price at TechDeals
ChatGPT WordPress Plugin: Lifetime License
ChatGPT WordPress Plugin: Lifetime License


Yes, ChatGPT is currently free to use in its research preview phase. But there is also a paid version for $20 per month called ChatGPT Plus. This version to offer more features and faster speeds to premium users. You’ll also avoid those ChatGPT network error messages at peak times.

ChatGPT was created by OpenAI, a San Francisco-based startup that has raised billions of dollars from Microsoft and other investors.

Microsoft has invested billions of dollars in OpenAI but does not completely own OpenAI. According to some reports, Microsoft will receive 75% of the company’s profits until it recoups its initial multi-billion dollar investment. After that, it will retain a 49% stake in the startup.

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