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How to change your profile and cover pictures on Facebook

July 12, 2022

It’s nice to keep your Facebook account fresh and updated with the latest profile photo of you, to show off your new hairstyle. Replacing your profile photo on Facebook is very easy, as well as replacing the cover photo. Let’s take a look at how to do both in a few clicks.

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To change your Facebook profile picture, go to your profile page and click the camera icon in the corner of your photo frame. Choose between uploading a new photo or selecting a photo already uploaded to your account. Resize and crop if necessary, and save. To change your Facebook cover photo, click Edit Cover Photo at the bottom-right of the cover photo window. Upload your new image and save it.


How to change the Facebook profile picture

After logging into your Facebook account, go to your profile page and click the camera icon in the corner of the picture frame.

facebook profile picture

An Update profile picture box will now appear. If the image you want to use has already been uploaded to your account, search for it here and click on it. Otherwise, click Upload Photo. Navigate to the photo on your computer and select it.

add facebook profile picture

You can now zoom in and crop the photo if necessary. There is also an option to make the picture temporary for a specific time period, before it reverts back to the previous picture.

facebook profile picture crop

If you want to make your new photo temporary, click Make Temporary and select how long you would like to use the photo.

make facebook profile picture temporary

You also have the option to Add Frame. These are either clip art or banners, promoting a particular cause that you may care about, such as the Ukraine conflict or the Covid vaccine. If this appeals to you, choose the one you want and see it appear in the Preview. You can also make the frame temporary if you wish.

add frame to facebook profile picture

When you save all of your changes, the new image will appear on your profile page.

How to change the Facebook cover photo

The cover photo is a much broader image at the top of your profile, which means it’s more eye-catching. Here is how to add one or change the existing one. Click Edit Cover Photo in the bottom right-hand corner.

change facebook cover photo

The drop-down menu will now give you your options. Select an existing uploaded photo, upload a new photo, reposition the existing cover photo, or remove the cover photo entirely to leave a blank space.

upload new facebook cover photo

I uploaded a picture of my dog. For obvious reasons, you need to upload a photo that is in landscape mode, not portrait mode. When the photo appears, move it around with your mouse until it is in the right position. However, the size of the image will dictate how much freedom you have to move the image around. So always try and upload the biggest possible image to give yourself some creative freedom.

reposition new facebook cover photo

When you’re finished, click Save changes.

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The maximum size (and the one you should aim for to get the best results) is 2,048px by 2,048px. The minimum size is 168px by 168px, but since Facebook keeps larger versions of your photo, anything that small is going to be bad quality when Facebook scales it up.

The maximum size (and the one to aim for to get the best results) is 2,037px by 754px. The minimum size is 851px by 315px.

The only way to do this is to change the Facebook notification privacy setting to “Only me.”

No, it is currently impossible to make your profile picture private, no matter what your privacy settings are.