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Ceramic Destroyer Game Review


Published onMarch 26, 2012


Ceramic Destroyer may seem like a game that doesn’t offer a real challenge or much competitive play. However, the game mechanics will quickly prove you wrong and show you how addictive and difficult smashing virtual ceramic tiles can really be. This fun game will require you to expertly slingshot different types of bombs to destroy ceramic pieces of various shapes. Despite its simple premise, playing Ceramic Destroyer takes more than aiming your catapult to the tiles. You will need to think very hard on some levels and come up with a good strategy. If you’re a fan of Angry Birds, you will definitely enjoy Ceramic Destroyer, yet the unique twists will ensure you will not get bored too quickly.

You can download Ceramic Destroyer for free from the Google Play Store and start enjoying it right away. The download is relatively small, at only 13 MB.


Quite simply, your goal is to blow up all the ceramic you can! There is no real story, which is, perhaps, the biggest flaw of the game and a big disappointment at the same time. There is really no explanation as to why you are blowing those beautiful ceramic pieces to smithereens. So, those who like to be a griefer in MMO games will get a lot of joy from playing Ceramic Destroyer.

In order to complete a level, you must have a minimum of 90% of the ceramic piece destroyed. Achieving this objective will get you one blue star as a reward. A score of 95% is worth two stars, and, finally, a perfect score of a 100% is worth all three blue stars. Try to collect as many stars as possible, to unlock all the stages of the game.

Ceramic Destroyer at First Glance

The menu is straight forward and that big Play button will catch your eye right away. All the options found in the main menu are also available from within the game, so no need to worry about that. Once you tap Play, a window with the different available stages will pop up (seven at the moment, but stage 8 is in the works).


If it’s your first time playing, you will have to start off with Stage 1, which has 20 levels. As I said, you can earn up to three blue stars per level, which you need in order to unlock the next stages. Most players will be satisfied with just passing the level with one star, but they will still have to go back for more if they want to play more stages. This part of the game mechanics is what increases the re-play value and it’s done quite nicely.

The first few levels serve as a tutorial in which you will learn about all the different types of bombs and how to use them. Of course, over the course of the game, you’ll master all the explosive contraptions and find out when each type of bomb is most useful. I found the animations to be top notch and the graphics quite cool and fresh. The only thing that looks better than the fantasy ceramic pieces is  the sound they make when you blow them up!

Ceramic Destroyer Mechanics

The first projectile you will learn to use is the standard Green Bomb that explodes after a short delay when landing on the targeted object. The harder you pull the catapult, the more momentum the bomb will have, and thus, it will do more damage.


The second weapon in your arsenal (from level 2 onward) is the Blue Bomb. The Blue Bomb explodes on impact, but does less damage than a Green Bomb. However, if you tap the display while the bomb is still flying, it will split into three smaller bombs. When something near these little bombs explodes, they will explode as well, causing a lot of damage. If they are close enough to each other, the explosion will spread to the others in a fiery chain-reaction.

The Orange Bomb is similar to the blue projectile, but you must throw out all three little bombs “by hand”. Also, this bomb doesn’t come in contact with the ceramic, but flies above it. Finally, the Purple Orb is the last of the bombs you will get to use in the introduction levels. You can “rub” the screen to control its movements and lead it to the spot where you want it to explode.


Final Thoughts

Ceramic Destroyer will provide you with hours of great tile-smashing fun! The game runs smoothly and the ambient music is really nice, but you can turn it off if you wish. For a game that provides no real plot or back story Ceramic Destroyer is surprisingly good and addictive.

The developers have promised to add more features to the game, so we may expect some new bombs and levels in the future. If you love tinkering with angles and momentum, plus you don’t mind doing some  brain-work, you should not miss out on Ceramic Destroyer.