The Android TV streaming box from NVIDIA, which has previously impressed us with its gaming capabilities, is getting major audio and visual improvements.

NVIDIA Shield TV may not be the most affordable set-top box out there, but it certainly is one of the most capable. After all, the previous generation Shield TV won our Editors’ Choice Award back in 2015, and we were equally impressed by the current generation’s gaming prowess. While the market has become more saturated since then, NVIDIA’s offering remains the ideal Android TV device if you’re into power-consuming games as well as regular visual content.

Well, after the recent update that brought 4K Google Play Movies casting capabilities to the NVIDIA Shield TV, the company is adding a few more improvements:

  • The device now supports 5.1 Surround Sound when casting from Netflix, Google Play Movies, VUDU, and Plex
  • The device now supports 4K 60fps playback for YouTube videos

As usual, NVIDIA has provided us with a nice chart, comparing its set-top box with two other very popular set-top boxes: Amazon’s Fire TV and the Roku Ultra.

As you can see, with the NVIDIA Shield TV, not only do you get more apps from which you can cast content to your TV, but you also get support for Surround Sound for major apps like Netflix and Google Play Movies. Of course, these premium features come at a cost – the NVIDIA Shield TV will set you back around $200.

Of course, these premium features come at a cost – the NVIDIA Shield TV will set you back around $200.

So if you regularly consume content from websites like Plex, Vimeo, and HBO, and you happen to be into graphically intensive games, this is the right device for you; if not, I’d suggest something a bit more affordable like the Chromecast Ultra.

Do you own a NVIDIA Shield TV? Have you seen visible changes after the recent updates? Let us know in the comments below!