Casio WSDF10 Watch 3

Casio has just launched their inelegantly named but elegantly designed Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10 on the Google Play Store, Amazon, REI, and the Casio store. The price tag might seem steep at $499.99, but the device is specifically designed to be tough as nails for those living rugged, outdoor lives.

Casio WSDF10 hands on

If you’re a runner, hiker, explorer, or any of the like, this might just be your go-to piece of tech to take along on your journey. We’ve seen plenty of smartwatches aimed at style, but comparatively few looking to be stout devices ready to withstand the wear and tear of more active lifestyles. The gritty little wearable  has a 1.32-inch dual layer display that has a power save option that allows it to swap between color and monotone. With this functionality, you can radically stretch your battery’s lifespan.

From the looks of it, it appears to come pre-loaded with a bunch of outdoorsy apps to assist with hiking, running, or fishing, but nothing is keeping you from installing your favorite apps once you get your hand on it. It’s true the price tag makes it something of an investment, but it really is one of the most rugged Android Wear devices we’ve seen so far.

What are your thoughts regarding the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10? Something you’re willing to splurge for, or are you in the market for something more friendly to your wallet? Let us know your take on the device in the comments below!

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