Beme icon teaser Galaxy S7 Edge

Beme, the video sharing app from Casey Neistat (the ‘snowboarding with the NYPD’ guy) has left beta and arrived on Android. Beme is quite unique in that you shoot blindly and there are no buttons to press: a simple gesture starts Beme recording and there is no chance to review your clip or even see what you’re recording before it is sent.

The idea behind Beme is that it shares unfiltered life. Because there’s nothing to see on your phone’s display while you’re recording, you’re ‘forced’ to actually look at what is happening around you through your eyes. Beme works a little like Snapchat in that you can find interesting people to follow. Beme also allows you to send instant reactions in real-time to other people’s Bemes.

Beme Casey Neistat settings

Perhaps the coolest part of Beme is how you start recording: simply hold your phone to your chest to start shooting (or otherwise cover the proximity sensor). When you remove the phone it automatically stops recording and your Beme is sent. As Neistat says, there’s no preview, no review, just real life as it happens right in front of you. If that sounds like something you’d like to get into, you can hit the button below for the install.

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