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How to cancel a friend request on Facebook

"I don't like you anymore!"
November 17, 2022
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It was a good idea in hindsight. You met someone, they looked nice, and you sent a friend request on Facebook. Fast-forward a day or two, and suddenly you’re having doubts. Was that necklace really made of human teeth? Here’s how to cancel a friend request on Facebook so you don’t have that creepy someone on your social media.

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To cancel a friend request on the desktop Facebook site, go to your profile and click the Friends link. Now click Friend requests > Friend requests > View sent requests. A box will pop up with any pending invite requests and you can cancel any at the click of a button. On the mobile app, you can only cancel a friend request by going to the person's Facebook profile and tapping the Cancel Request button.


How to cancel a friend request on the desktop Facebook site

If you’re looking to cancel a Facebook friend request on the desktop site, go to your profile and click Friends.

facebook desktop profile friends link

At the right of the next screen is Friend requests. Select that.

facebook desktop friend requests link

The next option is also called Friend requests. You know what to do.

facebook desktop second friends request link

The next screen will show you all of the pending friend requests from other people that you have yet to respond to. But to see ones that you have sent to other people, click the very small blue View sent requests link.

facebook desktop view sent friend requests
Mark O'Neill / Android Authority

A box will now pop up with all of the pending friend requests that you have sent. Find the one you want to cancel and click Cancel Request.

facebook desktop cancel sent friend request

How to cancel a friend request on the Facebook mobile app

facebook app cancel friend request

This is one of those rare occasions when it’s much easier to do on the mobile app. Simply go to the person’s profile and tap Cancel Request. That’s it.

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That means the person has already accepted your request. All you can do now is unfriend them, and possibly block them if you think that’s warranted.

No, the other person is not notified. Your friend request will quietly disappear from their pending requests page.

The Add Friend button will now say +1 Add Friend.

14 days. After this, the Add Friend button will come back and you can make a fresh friend request.

That’s because they have restricted in their account settings who can send them friend requests. It will either be a friend of a friend, or nobody.