What is Buzz Social Networking Map?

Buzz Social Networking Map is a tool that allows you to browser pictures and add comments about things based on location. It’s capable of a wide range of interactions from a chat room-style atmosphere to leaving reviews for others to read. It’s currently free in the Google Play Store.

Here’s how Buzz Social Networking Map works. It essentially turns every location on your map into a potential public chat room. Each place can have comments and photos which can be there to review the location or simply chat with other people who are interested in that location or are presently at that location. Buzz also integrates with Twitter and Instagram so you can see tweets and posts from those services if there was a location attached to them.

Of course, you can post anonymously if you don’t want to divulge your personal details right off the bat. You also don’t have to be at a location to participate in a chat there although you’ll probably have to be at that location if you want your tweets or Instagram photos to be there. Buzz promotes itself as a way to meet new people, leave reviews places, and find out what’s going on at a location before you actually go there.

Buzz Social Networking Map screenshot

It turns any location into a potential chat room.


Users can chat, leave images, ask questions, or leave reviews about practically any location.
Twitter and Instagram integration help alleviate the boredom of a smaller user base.
Application has a functional UI that uses Holo UI design elements.
Free with no in app purchases.
The ability to interact with people in locations you're not currently at.


Small user base (at least for right now) which makes it hard to find people to interact with.
There are parts of the UI that are a little crowded.
You can log into Facebook but there's no benefit to do so. You'd think that Facebook check-ins would be a natural addition to Buzz.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a potentially fun application. Like most social apps, you probably won’t see that much action unless you search around to other areas. The integration of Twitter and Instagram is actually a good idea because of that because it puts content out for people to read to tide them over until the user base can grow. If you’re interested, it’s a totally free app so why not give it a shot?

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