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We asked, you told us: Most readers own plenty of smartphone chargers

A surprisingly large number of you only own a single charger, too.

Published onDecember 11, 2020

Xiaomi Mi 10 on charging stand

Who knew the humble smartphone charger could cause this much fuss? The ubiquitous devices that usually arrive alongside your new smartphone may be a rare find in the future. With rumors that Samsung is set to ditch the charger from its Galaxy S21 series gaining traction, it wouldn’t seem far-fetched to imagine that other Android OEMs could follow suit.

But would this be such a bad thing? Is Apple right to assume smartphone buyers hoard chargers? To this end, we asked our readers how many smartphone chargers they have in their possession. Here’s what they told us.

How many smartphone chargers do you own?


We received just under 2,000 votes spread surprisingly evenly across the four options. But the winning option doesn’t come as much of a shock. Nearly 40% of respondents own “four or more chargers,” which seems pretty accurate for you smartphone-loving folk.

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Interestingly though, a fair number of readers only own a single smartphone charger; 22.9% of respondents smashed this option. Slightly fewer readers — 22.3% — own just two chargers.

Of course, smartphones can be charged by a number of other devices nowadays, so the results are not a true reflection of how many other chargers readers own. It does possibly add some credence to Apple’s electronic waste stance, though.

Here’s what you had to say

Readers had a few thoughts about the question as a whole, and explained why launching a charger with a device is key:

  • Daniel D: I believe the question is misleading and the result of the poll irrelevant. Smartphone chargers can charge a lot of other devices, especially the old microUSB standard. So of course someone with gadgets will have a lot of chargers around. Also, some people like to keep their old chargers and/or want to have a charger wherever they sit more. Not to mention that not all chargers are made equal.
  • Nirmal Sabu: Also it matters if all of the chargers are fast charging or not. I have about 3 chargers in my home. But only 1 25W brick. This makes the number of chargers irrelevant as I will only use the 25W to charge.

Other users shed light on how they charge their devices daily:

  • MarcosV: Thanks to USB-C PD and those compact GaN chargers, my “smartphone” charger also charges my tablet and laptop without adding that much more bulk.
  • Japes: Only 1 for my current phone cause it is super fast charging. Then 1 for my old phone. Chargers for other stuff as well but it came with a speaker or headset.
  • LinaBF: I have a few around my house but all are different power so only one work for each phone or equipment.
  • John: The only time I charge my device is while it’s hooked up to a USB pass through on my keyboard.
  • Drone9: Only 1 USB-C, even then it’s the mediocre 18W charger from Google.

One reader was totally onboard with Samsung’s alleged plans:

  • freedphoesh: I think it is an EXCELLENT IDEA that Samsung and Apple are not providing new phone chargers with their latest phones. I have about 5 spare Samsung chargers lying about my house, so really, I think I’d be a bit of a pig if I wasted resources by insisting on getting a new one with each phone.

That’s it for this poll. Thanks for the votes and comments. If you have any additional comments, be sure to drop them down below.

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