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Branto allows you to monitor your home, control your smart appliances and more

What is the Branto, and what can it do? This unique spherical gadget made of aluminum and polymer gives you full remote presence, smart appliance control and security features.

Published onAugust 11, 2015


Branto has been in the making since late 2011. While we were geeking out over dual-core processors, these guys were already thinking about making what seems to be one of the most full-featured smart home products in existence. Branto really does it all, and now you can put your name to one of these devices by funding their Indiegogo campaign.

What is the Branto, and what can it do? This unique spherical gadget, made of aluminum and polymer, gives you full home remote presence, smart appliance control and security features. Let’s go through the features one by one.

Full remote presence and video conferencing

For starters, this is likely one of the most interesting video calling gadgets in existence. The camera inside the Branto can rotate 360 degrees, giving you a full view of the device’s surroundings. Just pull out your smartphone and connect to the product through the free Branto app. You will be able to access a video feed showing whatever is going on around to the smart accessory. One can easily swipe from side to side to look around the device.

Furthermore, the Branto happens to be a great video conferencing device. It can connect to a TV and grant full video call capabilities, or you can simply stay in touch by using the integrated speakers and microphones. It would be great for meetings you can’t actually attend!


This is all great for staying connected with home and work, but we must also be ready for when things get a little nasty. This is why the Branto comes with a full set of security features. The sphere will allow you to monitor your home for any suspicious activity… even when the sun sets and things get dark. This thing comes with night vision! In addition, it recognizes suspicious movement or noise, and then sends you video footage of the situation.

And because Branto has up to 12 hours of battery life (3000 mAh battery), as well as both WiFi and cellular data connectivity, you can use it wherever you want. Oh… it also works with Google Glass.


Controls smart appliances and TV

Branto wasn’t only made with security in mind; the company wanted you to be able to control all your smart appliances, and even your TV. The smart device has an IR blaster that will allow you to control any TV and some other home entertainment products.

In addition, because the Branto is connected to the internet, the user can also manage certain smart appliances, including the systems like the Philips Hue lights, Belkin WeMo accessories, Nest devices and more.


Music streaming

Of course, no smart device with speakers is complete without its audio streaming features. You can play your music using the Branto, and that cool light will even flash at the rhythm of your tunes.


The Branto Bit

This little IoT accessory will allow you to know when a certain door, window or drawer has been opened. It works via proximity sensors and will send you a notification whenever both parts of the system get too far apart for comfort.



Are you in for this treat? I know it all sounds great, and if you want to sign up you will be looking to spend at least $279 for the Branto. This will get you one unit. And if you really want to go all out, you can pay $19 to upgrade to 32 GB of internal storage, or $39 for 64 GB.  You can also pay as low as $19 to get a Branto Bit.

The good news is you won’t have to wait too long to get your Branto. Shipments are scheduled for December 2015. As of this post’s publishing, the Indiegogo campaign is just a hair away from reaching its $50,000 USD goal, but the project has 18 days to go.

Are any of you signing up?


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