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We asked, you told us: Most of you hate huge branding on the back of phones

Some of you don't mind this practice though, owing to cases covering up the branding anyway.

Published onApril 21, 2021

realme 8 Pro review back panel
Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

We’ve seen a trend for some smartphone manufacturers to slap their brand names or slogans across the back of their devices. And we’re not talking about a tiny bit of text but gigantic letters that dominate the rear of the phone.

Some of the more prominent examples in this regard include realme (seen above), HONOR, ZTE, and POCO. We personally hope companies stop doing this, but what do you think of this trend? That’s the topic of our poll results article today.

What do you think of huge branding on the back of phones?


We posted the poll on April 17, and 1,087 votes were cast as of writing. As the pie chart above shows, it was a landslide victory for the “I hate it” camp, with 75% of the vote. It’s easy to see why when you look at some of the more egregious examples of gigantic text on the back of devices.

Those who were indifferent to this practice only accounted for 20% of the votes, yet they seemed to be a vocal minority with the majority of comments leaning in this direction. And as we noted in the original article, some comments cite the use of a case as one reason not to care about tacky branding.

Finally, just under 5% of respondents (51 votes) said they actually liked huge brand names/slogans on the back of their phones. That’s more than we expected, to be frank.


  • Montisaquadeis: Indifferent since I use a case anyways and thus cover the entire back.
  • Jimi Mack: 9 out of 10 will use a case and they know this, so what is the issue.
  • Say What??: I always use a skin and a case so they could put whatever they want on the back and I wouldn’t care.
  • JL T0x: Samsung, Apple, Motorola, Sony have chosen simple or small logos. Extraordinarily large logo brand names OR some kind of inspiring phrase is what makes the device look silly & possibly distracts from the few distinct exterior features it has.
  • Kuzmanovv: When done with style and taste, like Axon’s example in gold, it can be stylish without being intrusive.
  • SyCoREAPER: Agreed. Put it in the boot animation or on the box or something, doesn’t need to be plastered on the device.
  • Wongwatt: I wouldn’t be put off by this because like most people I use a case. Even if I didn’t it would be a petty reason not to buy a phone.
  • ThePro: It’s pretty wild to see what is essentially the same brand (Xiaomi and POCO) sell phones with completely different branding. POCO has GIANT poco logos in their phones, and then Xiaomi has one of the smallest brand logos in their Redmi Note 10.

Thanks for voting in this poll and for leaving comments! Let us know what you think of the results and if you have any more thoughts on the topic.

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