The Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge has been promised for a while now, but thanks to a shipping delay we may not see this handset variant outside of Asia for a while longer yet. Still, the handset is edging closer to its first week of November debut in South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore, and Samsung has released a selection of promotional pictures to show off the swanky new color option.

The Blue Coral case option was originally intended for the Galaxy Note 7 and was proving very popular before the handset was yanked from store shelves. Given that we won’t be seeing any more Note 7’s, Samsung has decided to bring the option to the S7 edge instead. Other than the change in case color, the internal hardware and features remain exactly the same as the other Galaxy S7 edge color variants. It does look rather nice though.

(Update: delayed) Samsung confirms the Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge is coming

Samsung Taiwan has confirmed that the Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge will be released in the country on November 1st for NT$24,900 ($790). The smartphone is also stated to launch in South Korea on November 4th and in Singapore on the 5th. The model has also been tipped to be heading to Verizon in the US, but we’re still waiting on a release date.

Hopefully, Samsung will release the Blue Coral variant across global markets over the coming month. What do you make of it, do you want one?