Fallout Shelter is a new mobile title from Bethesda, and it seems to be pretty popular so far. It’s already been available on iOS devices for about two months now, and Android devices for about a week. If you’d like an inside look at just how many babies have been born, how many vaults have been created and more, Bethesda has rounded up some numbers and compiled them in a handy infographic for your viewing pleasure.

Since the game’s launch on both mobile platforms, there have already been over 81 million babies born in the game, and over 1 billion sessions played in all. There have also been over 41 million raider attacks and over 118 million roach infestations, which Bethesda says could wrap all the way around Pluto two times!

There are some other interesting stats in the infographic, so feel free to check it out below for more information.


If you haven’t yet, we’d recommend trying out Fallout Shelter. It’s a really addictive game that acts as a perfect time-waster. Head to the Play Store link below to try it for yourself.