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6 best wine apps for Android for the wine aficionado

Wine is different from most beverages. It can get really fancy and people collect it. Here are some apps to help with that.

Published onDecember 11, 2021

Delectable Wine best wine apps for Android

Wine is a lot different from other alcoholic beverages. There’s a whole culture around it where people sample expensive wines, review the taste, and even collect bottles of it. It’s one of humanity’s oldest beverages. Even so, it’s a rather niche topic when it comes to mobile apps. There aren’t a lot of apps for wine fans out there, but luckily a few developers stepped up and made some good ones. Here are the best wine apps for Android.

The best wine apps for Android

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Price: Free

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner screenshot 2021

Wine is best known for its ability to drink by itself, but it also makes for a great mixer. After all, plenty of people like white wine spritzers and mimosas. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is technically a recipe app for food. However, because of its community base, there are also a lot of various recipes for mixed drinks. Many of those mixed drinks involve wine.

You can find new and creative ways to enjoy your wine, or at least find more creative ways to use the wine you have that you don’t like. The app has ads, but it’s otherwise free to use.


Price: Free

CellarTracker screenshot 2021

Cellar Tracker is mostly for wine collectors. The app lets you keep track of the wine you own in your cellar. After you add the wine, you can sort by year, wine type, and other things so you can quickly find what you’re looking for. The app UI is a little too busy and basic for our tastes, but it performs its job admirably.

You can also add bottles to your collection by scanning the label or barcodes for easier entry, although that feature can be a bit hit or miss. Once you overcome the learning curve, the app works really well.

Delectable Wine

Price: Free

Delectable Wine screenshot 2021

Delectable Wine bills itself as an all-in-one destination for wine fans. The app lets you follow wine makers, add (and read) ratings for various types of wine, and you can even tag yourself at locations where you had some particularly good wine. It works best as a discovery platform when you want to find something new to drink.

You can also keep track of wines you’ve had and add notes about whether or not you liked it and why. It’s a popular app among wine fans.


Price: Free

Vivino is one of the largest wine apps on mobile. It does a lot of the same stuff as Delectable Wine. You can take a picture of your wine bottle and then add notes about whether or not you liked it. The app also lets you buy wine, see and add ratings for wine, and it includes a cellar tracker capability much like Cellar Tracker above.

It’s another all-in-one solution that tries to do everything. Luckily, the app succeeds in this endeavor for the most part.

Wine Searcher

Price: Free

Wine Searcher screenshot 2021

Wine Searcher is a simpler, but still effective wine app. You use this particular app to find wine online at the best possible prices. Like most wine apps, it has a label photo tool where you can find bottles based on their labels. It also shows you wine stores close to you, lets you buy wine online from various retailers, and it has a knowledge base for things like wine regions, grape varieties, and other stuff.

It does what it says quite well, although the app does struggle a bit if you try to push it too hard for information.

Drizly (and similar apps)

Price: Free / Varies

Drizly screenshot 2021

It’s a brave new world when you can have random strangers deliver wine straight to your door. Drizly is the biggest name in this area. The app specifically caters to folks looking for wine, beer, and liquor. You simply order what you want through the app and someone brings it to you.

Of course, you do need to know what you want first because this is hardly a wine aficionado type of app. There are other services that will deliver alcohol as well, but Drizly does it most consistently. The only con is that it may not be available where you live.

If we missed any great wine apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments. You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists.

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