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The best vertical mice for wrist comfort

Take comfort to another level with a vertical mouse.
April 1, 2022
Logitech MX Vertical

A good vertical computer mouse can alleviate discomfort caused by long-term computer usage. The best vertical mice will put your hand in what’s called a “handshake position,” which is a naturally comfortable resting position for our hands. They’re not for everybody, but if you’ve got the need for one, there are a few good options to choose from. Let’s take a look at the best vertical mice. 

The best vertical mice

While the vertical form factor offers unmatched comfort, vertical mice aren’t quite mainstream. Many of us are used to regular mice that place our hands closer to our desks, or ergonomic mice, with curves to fit our palms. In this list, a few brands stand out in this segment of the market, especially for those suffering from carpal tunnel. 

Logitech MX Vertical

Logitech MX Vertical on a desk

How could you list the best vertical mice without mentioning Logitech? Iconic in the ergonomic accessory space, gaming accessory space, and generally beloved for its high-quality peripherals for whatever you need them for. The MX Vertical is the company’s most mature ergonomic mouse. It features a 57-degree angle for your hand to rest on to relieve strain and discomfort.

Other specs include an up to 4,000 DPI sensor, Logitech Flow compatibility for seamless file transfers and cross-device control, and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to four months on one charge. At $100 for a mouse designed by ergonomists, we’d say this is a pretty good deal. 

Posturite Penguin

posturite penguine vertical mouse

Going straight from a very well-known brand to a significantly quieter brand, the Posturite Penguin mouse is a bit of an oldie. It also puts your hand in a unique position that resembles a gear shift in a car. It doesn’t have too many bells and whistles, but the mouse is an excellent offering because of the versatility and customization offered. 

There are quite a few variants of the mouse; following the link below, you’ll see small-large sizes and wired or wireless variants of said sizes. The company even includes a sizing chart in the Amazon listing to find your perfect fit. This is definitely worth considering, especially if handshake positions don’t work for you.

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J-tech Digital Vertical mouse

j tech vertical gaming mouse

Some gamer’s sessions can last as long as some people’s workdays. For the discomfort that brings on, J-tech has a vertical gaming mouse that’ll let you play better for longer. Its sensor tracks up to 4,000 DPI, it has a few RGB zones surrounding it, and J-tech has companion software available to tweak things like sensitivity to your liking. 

The mouse also includes a palm rest, which is critical for this form factor as without it, your palm will drag on the desk, slowing your mouse movements down. $30 is an excellent price for such a nice vertical gaming mouse. Check it out via the button below. 

Anker Wireless Vertical mouse

ergonomic mouse anker

Anker’s renowned reputation doesn’t stop with batteries and adapters; it also makes one of the best budget vertical mice you can buy. While it isn’t flashy and doesn’t have too many remarkable features, it is a solid budget offering and small enough to travel with, to boot. 

The mouse has the six-button layout you’d expect with back/forward buttons and a middle click. Coming in at shy of $30, Anker’s offering is a great deal.

iClever Ergonomic mouse

iClever Ergonomic Mouse

This vertical mouse from iClever lives in the same realm as the Anker mouse above. This ergonomic mouse covers the basics at a pretty good price with a similar design and a slightly steeper angle. 

It connects via a USB receiver, uses 1 AA battery for power, and features quiet-clicking switches. iClever’s offering is similar in price to the Anker as well, coming in at under $30. It’s a no-nonsense offering, and if you’re on a budget, this one will not disappoint.

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Evoluent VMDW

Evoluent VerticalMouse D

Lastly, Evoluent gets the credit for creating the first vertical mouse to hit the market. While the company isn’t quite a household name, it puts out some of the best vertical mice. 

The Vertical mouse D Wireless (VMDW for short) has a seven-button design, with right/left, back/forward, middle mouse, plus an extra button to be used with your ring finger. The mouse uses a AA battery for power and has optional companion software for customization. At $115, it isn’t the cheapest on the list, but you’re paying for years of experience making the best vertical mice. 

That’s it for our list of the best vertical mice. To complete your journey towards better ergonomics, hit up our lists of the best ergonomic keyboards and the best standing desks you can buy