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The best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 screen protectors

When in doubt, don't skimp. Pay once, cry once.
July 31, 2023
samsung galaxy z flip 5 main display half open
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

While you’d think foldables like the Galaxy Z Flip 5 would present a challenge for the makers of screen protectors, there are plenty of them out there. It’s certainly worth investing in one too, given that a few extra dollars up front could prevent damage to a $1,000 smartphone. With that in mind, here are the best Galaxy Z Flip 5 screen protectors we can recommend so far.

The best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 screen protectors

Depending on your needs, you can buy kits that protect both of the Flip 5’s screens, or only the front-facing one. Since the phone is foldable, guarding the main screen is less important, but that could potentially save you in the event you drop your phone while you’re using it, or debris somehow slips in between its gaps.

Spigen EZ Fit

Spigen EZ Fit for the Galaxy Z Flip 5
  • “Auto-alignment” installation tool
  • 9H hardness rating
  • Two protectors included
  • Oleophobic

This tempered glass protector only covers the front screen — naturally, since most glass isn’t flexible — but what you get is a tough design with both scratch and fingerprint protection. It also comes with Spigen’s unique “auto-alignment” installation tool, meant to ensure the protector goes on right the first time. You’ll get two protectors in the box in case something goes wrong or the first one takes a hit.

UAG Glass Shield

UAG Glass Shield for the Galaxy Z Flip 5
  • Tough “double-strengthened” tempered glass
  • Oleophobic
  • Included installation tool

UAG’s tempered glass offering is extremely similar to Spigen’s, including its scratch and fingerprint resistance. In fact, if you’re choosing between the two, there’s not much to consider except cost, though UAG does bundle a very different alignment tool. Subjectively we’d rather go with Spigen’s installer, but it’s not a big enough factor to overrule any price differences.

UAG Glass Shield Plus

UAG Glass Shield Plus for Galaxy Z Flip 5
  • Tough “double-strengthened” tempered glass
  • Oleophobic
  • Antimicrobial
  • Anti-glare coating
  • Included installation tool

Typically we try to limit ourselves to one offering from each brand on this sort of list, but if you want a step up in tempered glass, there’s no reason to skip the Glass Shield Plus. It’s $10 extra, which improves the product with anti-glare and antimicrobial protection, the latter in case you’re worried about bacteria and viruses hanging around when you touch things in public. UAG’s installation tool should make the protector easy to apply.

Supershieldz (Main and Front Screen)

Supershieldz for the Galaxy Z Flip 5
  • Ultra low-cost
  • Includes protectors for main and front screens
  • No residue if protectors have to be removed
  • Backups included

We honestly wish there were more (name-brand) Z Flip 5 kits with both main and front screen protectors, but the phone is only shipping on August 11, 2023, so we’ll probably see more options in due time.

In the case of this Supershieldz kit, each protector is made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), so don’t expect the same smoothness or toughness as tempered glass. It’s also limited to scratch protection, but if that’s all you care about, you can get the complete kit for $10 — and that includes backup protectors. Supershieldz further promises no residue when the protectors are removed.