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10 best pregnancy apps and pregnancy tracker apps for Android

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a mother's life. Here are the best pregnancy apps for Android!

Published onSeptember 10, 2021

Preglife best pregnancy tracker apps and pregnancy apps for Android
Joe Hindy / Android Authority
Pregnancy evokes almost every emotion possible. It’s difficult, beautiful, painful, frustrating, uncomfortable, rewarding, and joyous all at once. The good news is childbirth is one of those things we’ve been doing since the beginning of the human race so we’re reasonably good at it at this point. There are a metric ton of resources for expecting mothers as well as expecting fathers. This list won’t get you through a pregnancy, but it might help with a few things along the way. Here are the best pregnancy apps for Android.

BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker

Price: Free

BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker is another powerful tracker. It has daily updates, weekly updates, tons of tips and tricks for dealing with pregnancy, and tons of ideas for everything from nutrition to names. This one also goes the full mile. It has tips, tricks, and tutorials for fertility in order to get pregnant, then turns into a pregnancy tracker, and then turns into a parenting guide after birth. That gives it a level of versatility we don’t often see with pregnancy apps. It’s hard not to recommend this one.

The Bump Pregnancy Tracker

Price: Free

The Bump Pregnancy Tracker is a competent and enjoyable tracker. The app features most of the stuff you would want in such an app, including tons and tons of advice, week-to-week baby growth, daily articles with advice, and other such tools. We’re big fans of the 3D baby model that shows you about how big the baby is supposed to be after each week. We also liked the question and answer section where you can ask actual questions. There is also a registry function, a catalog with various baby products, and all kinds of other stuff to help you prepare for when the baby comes.

The Bump screenshot 2021
Joe Hindy / Android Authority


Price: Free

Contractions is a surprisingly decent contraction calculator. The premise is simple. You input your contractions when you have them and the app helps you identify patterns, tracks the length between contractions, and it can help distinguish between Braxton Hicks contractions and actual labor contractions. The UI is simple, clean, and easy to read. That’s really important because contractions are often quite distracting. The app also includes information about contractions.

Contractions Counter screenshot is one of the best pregnancy apps for android

Daddy Up

Price: Free

Pregnancy is all about the woman. However, sometimes the dad wants to do his part to help out. Daddy Up helps with that. It’s a pregnancy tracker for men. It has a lot of the same functions as a regular pregnancy tracker, including weekly pregnancy updates, baby-size estimates, a journal to log various events, a contraction counter, and some other stuff. You can honestly find all of these same features from any other pregnancy tracker. However, the UI of this one is a little less pink and a few more axes to help make it feel more masculine.

Daddy Up screenshot is one of the best pregnancy tracker apps


Price: Free

Newborn is a resource for shortly after the pregnancy ends. It gives you ideas for how to furnish a nursery, pack a hospital bag for your stay after you have a baby, and supplies to help clothe, bathe, and feed the new baby. You can create various lists and categories to keep everything in check. For instance, you can even pack your bag for during labor and then for after labor. It’s a useful app for budgeting, although a note-taking app or a to-do list app may function just as well in some cases. In either case, it’s something a little different. Babylist Baby Registry is another excellent app for this same thing.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Price: Free

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker is another powerful tool for tracking pregnancy. This one has the standard fair such as a week-by-week tracker, baby size tracking, and a due date countdown timer. This one also comes with a variety of articles with advice for health, managing pregnancy symptoms, and other helpful tips and tricks. Additionally, you can track things like mood, sleep, activity, blood pressure, and there are even some calorie counting functions, although it’s nowhere near as powerful as a dedicated calorie counter app. The thing we like the most is that Ovia has an app for fertility as well as parenting as well. Thus, you can use this family of apps for getting pregnant, dealing with the pregnancy, and then learning how to parent as well. It’s a decent little trio of apps.

Ovia screenshot 2021
Joe Hindy / Android Authority


Price: Free

Preglife is an increasingly popular pregnancy app. It started in Sweden in 2010 and it’s used by a lot of women in Sweden and Northern Europe. It has tons of articles and information from the latest research about pregnancy. Considering that Sweden has the fewest instances of maternal death, we think this app is worthy of consideration. Those people seem to know a whole bunch about childbirth. The app has a pregnancy calendar, a baby development tracker, various guides, and it all works through the baby’s first 75 weeks of life. This is a surprisingly powerful and empowering resource. Plus, it’s entirely free.

Pregnancy+ Tracker

Price: Free / $1.99

Pregnancy+ is one of the more popular pregnancy apps and it does an excellent job at tracking everything. The feature list includes a week-by-week guide, daily pregnancy info, a kick counter, a contraction timer, a weight log, a hospital bag preparation tool, and even a directory of baby names in case you need some inspiration. The app has a clean UI and it works really well. However, some features such as the contraction timer, do require the pro version. Thus, if you intend on using those tools, you may want to pay for it before going into labor or finding a different app to do it. Otherwise, you may be in for an uncomfortable surprise.

Pregnancy Plus Tracker screenshot 2020

Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

Price: Free

Pregnancy & Baby Tracker by What to Expect is another very competent app in this genre. It features over 15,000 articles about basically every aspect of pregnancy, daily tips, health news, and various video content with even more information. It has some minor tracking features, but nothing outside of what we’ve seen from this list already. The big story here is the massive wealth of information the app contains. There are forums for this app, but they’re only just okay. You may do better with a more in-depth tracker and then just using this for informational purposes. In any case, it’s a free app so it’s hard to complain too much.

Pregnancy and Baby Tracker screenshot 2021
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Sprout Pregnancy

Price: Free

Sprout Pregnancy is a day-by-day pregnancy tracker with a bunch of useful information. Some of the features include daily and weekly advice, a personalized timeline, a checklist for when the baby comes, and a variety of tools such as a kick counter, a contraction timer, and a weight tracker. It doesn’t do too much to stand out from the crowd. However, the stuff it does, it does relatively well. There is an iPhone version of this app that does a little better with some of its features. Other than that mild complaint, it’s a good app overall.

Sprout Pregnancy screenshot is one of the best pregnancy apps

If we missed any great pregnancy tracker apps, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists.

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