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The best Pixel 8a screen protectors to get

Keep your screen safe from scratches and cracks.

Published onMay 7, 2024

Pixel 8a Obsidian Lifestyle

Google claims that its latest phone is the most resistant Pixel A-series device yet. It has an IP67 rating and a Gorilla Glass 3 display. These are not the highest standards in the market, though, and if you really want to keep your phone looking pristine for as long as possible, it might be best to protect it with one of the best Pixel 8a screen protectors.

Google Pixel 8aGoogle Pixel 8a
AA Editor's Choice
Google Pixel 8a
Rich OLED display • Tons of Tensor G3-powered features • Pixel-pedigree cameras
MSRP: $499.00
Best possible Pixel experience for the price.
With the Pixel 8a, Google put all of its focus on value. A 6.1-inch display is backed by the Tensor G3 chip and decent specifications, a 64MP main camera is backed by most of Google's latest AI-powered features, and a 7-year update promise will keep this moderately priced phone ticking for years to come.

The best Pixel 8a screen protectors

We’ve searched high and low to find the best Pixel 8a screen protectors, and these are our favorites.

Supershieldz tempered glass screen protector

Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Pixel 8a

Supershieldz is becoming a very popular screen protector brand, and for good reason. The company offers great value. Its screen protectors are very well made and are very affordable. It couldn’t be ignored for our list of the best Pixel 8a screen protectors.

This pack comes with three screen protectors and only costs $8. This screen protector is made of tempered glass with a 9H hardness rating, and the glass has a 99.99% clarity, so you likely won’t even notice it’s there most of the time. It offers hydrophobic and oleo-phobic coatings to reduce fingerprint smudges, and the 2.5D rounded edges make it a comfortable screen protector.

Mr.Shield tempered glass screen protector

Mr.Shield Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Pixel 8a

If you want to save a bit more, here’s another one of the best Pixel 8a screen protectors. This one also comes in a three-pack and costs only $7. And the manufacturer didn’t really skimp out on anything here.

It still has a 9H hardness rating, 99.99% HD clarity, and 2.5D rounded edges. The brand isn’t as well known as Supershieldz, but it is definitely becoming more popular, and it makes great screen protectors.

JETech screen protector

JETech Screen Protector for Pixel 8a

I am horrible at installing screen protectors, so if you’re like me, you will take any help you can get. The JETech screen protector comes with an installation tool to help you align the screen protector perfectly, making the process a breeze. Aside from offering two screen protectors in the pack, there are also a couple of camera lens protectors for those who want a bit of extra protection.

This pack is also pretty affordable at $8, and the screen protectors come with pretty good specs. The tempered glass is 9H-rated, and it still features 99% light transmittance. And if you don’t care much for the camera lens protectors, there is a slightly cheaper pack that excludes these.

Natbok screen protector with camera lens protector

Natbok Screen Protector with Camera Lens Protector for Pixel 8a

The Natbok Screen Protector with Camera Lens Protector is another of the best Pixel 8a screen protectors. As the not-very-creative name entails, the two-pack also comes with camera lens protectors, so you can keep all glass around the phone safe.

It costs $9 and comes with all the bells and whistles. This includes a 9H hardness rating, a 0.33mm thickness, 2.5D rounded edges, 99.99% HD transparency, and apparently, it can withstand six-foot drops without damaging the Pixel 8a’s actual screen.

Anbzsign privacy tempered glass screen protector and camera lens protector

Anbzsign Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector and Camera Lens Protector for Pixel 8a

This is definitely one of the best Pixel 8a screen protectors for the privacy-conscious among us. If you use this accessory, your screen will only be visible within a 28-degree field right in front of it. Anyone to the side won’t be able to see what you’re viewing.

Aside from this cool privacy feature, it is 9H-rated. The pack comes with two screen protectors, as well as two camera glass protectors. And while these privacy protectors usually cost more, this pack is only $10!

Supershieldz PET screen protector

Supershieldz PET Screen Protector for Pixel 8a

We tend to recommend tempered glass because it is much better at protecting screens. It often takes the damage your actual phone screen would have taken, and it is cheap to replace a screen protector when compared to an actual display. That said, tempered glass is thicker, harder to install, and it can sometimes get in the way of some cases. If you don’t care for tempered glass, this is definitely one of the best Pixel 8a screen protectors for you.

This Supershielz pack comes with three PET film screen protectors, and it costs only $6. Just keep in mind that, while this screen protector is great at keeping your display from getting scratched, it won’t be as efficient at protecting your display from cracks, if you happen to drop the phone.


Some manufacturers offer a screen protector with the purchase of a phone, but this is not common practice. The Google Pixel 8a doesn’t come with a screen protector included in the box. It also doesn’t include a charger. If you’re also looking for one of those, we have a list of the best Google Pixel 8a chargers.

The Google Pixel 8a has an IP67 rating. This means it is dust-tight and water-resistant. At this level of protection, you should be able to submerge your phone at depths of between 15 cm and 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.

The Pixel 8a isn’t waterproof; it is water-resistant with an IP67 rating. It isn’t as resistant to liquids as most other IP68 phones in the market. Google is also quick to mention that water resistance is not a permanent condition. Liquid protection is reduced with normal wear and tear, as a phone gets older and used.

The Pixel 8a and Pixel 7a have the same screen size and aspect ratio, so it might make sense to think you can use the same screen protectors on both phones. That said, there are some design changes between these phones. The biggest one is that the corners of the screen on the Pixel 7a are more rectangular, while the Pixel 8a has rounder screen corners. This means you can’t use the same screen protectors on the Pixel 7a and Pixel 8a.

Screen protector makers use the Moh hardness scale to classify the resistance of these products. It measures how hard a mineral needs to be to scratch something. Level 10 is a diamond, which can only be scratched by another diamond. 9H is equivalent to corundum. Essentially, a 9H rating entails it will be very hard to scratch a screen protector with most materials.

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