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Best paid live wallpapers for Android tablets


Published onJuly 4, 2012

Live wallpapers are just some of the best things most Android tablets can support. Given that a tablet has a wider screen compared to other devices, placing an amazing wallpaper on the screen will surely make you love your tablet even more. And, when we say amazing wallpapers, we almost always mean live wallpapers.

A lot of live wallpapers have been developed for Android devices. Most of them can be used by both phones and tablets. Various live wallpapers are available for various people and with the extensive collection that the Google Play Store has, choosing just one will definitely be a bit taxing.

To be a bit of help to you guys, we’ve listed 10 of the best paid live wallpapers for Android tablets. Read on and maybe you’ll find one that will pique your interest and spruce up your Android tablet.

Though it’s not yet Christmas, it’s never too early to gear your tablet for the holidays. With Christmas HD, you get to feel that it’s Christmas even if it’s still mid-year.

This live wallpaper, developed by Dualboot Games, is highly customizable; from the lights, the portrait picture, the gifts, the tree topper, and even to the stockings. With this live wallpaper, you can count down the days ’til Christmas with its calendar. You can even leave notes and cookies for Santa Claus, too.

And, to top all its features, it comes in true 3D artwork, getting as close as possible to feeling and seeing Christmas in reality. You can also set to have snow falling outside the window in this wallpaper, giving you the feeling that the holidays are indeed closing in.

With this live wallpaper, you don’t only get to benefit yourself but you also get to help those who need assistance the most. By purchasing this live wallpaper, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to charities. This is one great way to really celebrate Christmas, not only with your family, but also with other people who deserve to be happy on such an occasion.

The koi or carp variety of fish are known to live really long and are very relaxing to look at. Because of their beautiful colors and gracefulness, they are popular all over the world. If you don’t have a koi fish pond or an outdoor water garden in your home but still want to keep and view these beautiful fish, Koi Live Wallpaper is the best option you have.

With this wallpaper on your tablet, it’s as if you actually have a koi fish pond inside your Android tablet. This wallpaper is rendered in 3D, allows interactivity, and supports multi-touch. If you want to have lots of koi fish on your tablet’s screen, the wallpaper’s settings can let you control the population of your fish.

Tapping once will startle a fish, which by the way, is entertaining especially if there are a lot of fish on the screen, while double-tapping will feed your fish.

You’ll love how beautiful this live wallpaper will look on your tablet. You can just stare at the koi fish while they explore their fish pond or you can have fun with them, too.

Winter, spring, summer, and fall — these seasons come and go really fast, especially if you are having so much fun or you are very busy with a lot of things in your life. Some of us, though, would love to relive these seasons again, maybe because of these seasons’ innate beauty or simply because we want to remember certain memories linked to them.

Season Zen HD will let you revisit the four seasons any time you want, with the use of your Android tablet. This live wallpaper gives you the freedom to customize almost every part of a scene. You get to customize the benches, flowers, butterflies, snowmen, and a lot more. An automatic camera pan is also included to allow you to pan through the scene, letting you see each and every element present in your selected season.

Let your tablet bring you back to the season you want to revisit and see how this live wallpaper is worth every penny. Seasons may come and go but with this live wallpaper, you won’t be bothered by how fast they fly by.

Developed by Joko Interactive, Light Grid Pro Live Wallpaper, is one live wallpaper that takes you to a whole new dimension because of its stunning shapes and lights. This is one live wallpaper you should have on your tablet, letting you play with shapes and colors as much as you want.

This live wallpaper features squares, hexagons, circles, and more shapes you can choose to have on your screen. Animated ripple and wave effects and interactive touch options are also available. With combinations of settings that you like, you can save the themes you have made and you can also share your settings with your friends via email, Twitter, and other social means.

Light Grid Pro Live Wallpaper also generates brand new wallpapers for your tablet if you are not really up to customizing your own. Whether you want to personalize your wallpaper or stick with the generated ones, this live wallpaper is one that can be called eye-candy. Show it off to your friends!

Summer is undoubtedly one of the seasons we look forward to. This season, when the air gets heavier and the temperature gets hotter, is one that we should not dare miss. But, what happens when we actually do miss it? Do we wait for months before we can go to beach and enjoy? The answer is yes, we do have to wait. The beach is best enjoyed during summer but while we wait, having our own beach on our tablets will probably quench our thirsts for the summer season.

My Beach HD is a live wallpaper that will help take off your mind from the agonizing wait for summer to come. Packed with tons of customizable features, this wallpaper is a must-have for tablet owners. Beach signs, airplane banners, and fireworks are just some of the features you can personalize in this wallpaper. Even the waves, sharks, aircraft, and umbrellas can be customized according to your preference.

Preset themes are also available to help you choose your own private beach — Fireworks at Night, Private Beach, Family Outing, Independence Day, and Shark Sighting. Enjoy the perks of having a private beach even if in reality you don’t really own one.

Live wallpapers certainly bring life and color to our Android devices, especially tablets. Though plain wallpapers can still do the trick, some users consider live wallpapers to be way better because a lot of aspects can be customized. When we talk about live wallpapers, top developer Kittehface Software is just one of the developers that never fail to deliver.

Snowfall Live Wallpaper turns your tablet into a winter wonderland. One of the things you can customize in this live wallpaper is the snow density. You can opt to have no snow, have it light or medium, or you can have a blizzard going on. Ambient light can also be personalized through changing what hue the light should be with a color picker. Christmas lights can be placed on the trees that appear on the wallpaper and of course, you can set it to have one color for the lights or have it multicolored.

Have snow falling even if it’s still months away before winter. Your tablet will take you to a place where almost everything is white and pretty.

Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper takes you closer to seeing lightning whether you are at home, at school, or at work. Although this live wallpaper lacks the booming sound of thunder, it compensates through the number of customizable features.

Seeing lightning up close has never been fun to actually experience, but with this live wallpaper, having bolts of lightning strike this close to your face is really something, especially when you can change the color of the lightning bolts to your liking. You can have more clouds show up on your screen, but that won’t save you from seeing the lightning bolts. You can also set how often lightning should strike. Ambient color is also one thing you can customize together with the wind and camera speed.

Maybe with the right combination of settings, you’ll get to experience an almost real-life thunderstorm but the greatest thing is that you won’t get wet because of the rain or worry about being actually struck by lightning. With your Android tablet, you can sit back and watch the thunderstorm without worrying about any casualties or property damage.

Ever wondered how galaxies look like? Galaxies are, hands down, one of the most beautiful things one can ever lay her or his sights on. They’re so beautiful that you want to keep looking at them but can’t because you won’t like the idea of always bringing clunky astronomy books or searching the TV channels for a show about galaxies.

You won’t need to search any further because a live wallpaper may be the answer to your need. Galactic Core Donation is a live wallpaper that features galaxies with a number of options you can customize to suit your preferences. This live wall paper has many layers of depth that make the galaxies look amazing on your tablet’s home screen. You can customize the spin speed and direction of the galaxies as well as the colors on the base, second, and third passes of the galaxies’ layers.

You also have the freedom to choose the theme or visual style the galaxy should use — spiral, nebula, or dark. With these features, you’ll be seeing the galaxies like never before. How you’ve seen them in your science class or on TV won’t even come close to this live wallpaper.

People say that a clear blue sky indicates good weather, and good weather usually keeps us in high spirits. So, to keep your spirits high despite some trouble, Blue Skies Live Wallpaper will take you up to the clouds to give you the feeling of being literally high.

This live wallpaper will make it seem like you are soaring through the clouds with the use of your Android tablet. Just like the Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper, you can also set the cloud density or cloud count in this wallpaper and set how many wispy, high-altitude clouds you want on the screen. A fun addition to this live wallpaper are the floating balloons. You can set to have them enabled and they will notify you of your unread messages.

Apart from the mentioned features, you can also customize the wind speed and the camera speed, and the background image. You can either have the background in gradient or clear blue, according to how you want your sky to look like. Keep this live wallpaper on your tablet and maintain your good mood throughout the day.

Are you one of those people who want to keep pets but their apartments or condo units won’t allow them? Or, are you one of those people who are not good with real animals? If you said yes to any of these questions, this live wallpaper may be able to help you. aniPet Aquarium Live Wallpaper, although mainly housing just fishes, can keep you entertained and make your tablet’s home screen look colorful and lively.

You can choose 15 from 180 species of fish to grow in your aquarium. You get to feed all your fishes, see them grow, and have them reproduce. You can feed your fishes with fish food or you can feed them through app icons on your homescreen, which is something really unique in this live wallpaper.

You also have the option to change how fast the fishes can swim and how fast they grow. You can also change the background. aniPet Aquarium Live Wallpaper will definitely be worth both your time and money. Get this wallpaper to satisfy your desire of taking care of a pet.

Dress up your Android tablet’s homescreen the best you can with the best paid live wallpapers we’ve just listed for you. Anyone who will see your home screen will probably praise how good it looks and you won’t regret paying almost next to nothing just to have your Android tablet’s home screen more colorful and livelier.

Got a phone instead? Check out our reviews of the best live wallpapers for Android phones. Or, if you’re looking for stunning, high-definition live wallpapers for your phone or tablet, check out our reviews of the best HD live wallpapers for Android phones and tablets.

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