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best netflix food and health documentaries

Everyone loves food, but some of us really love food. And of course, if people love something, there’s bound to be TV shows, movies, and documentaries about it. Here are some of the best health and food documentaries on Netflix!

Best health and food documentaries on Netflix:

Best Netflix food documentaries

1. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

anthony bourdain parts unknown best netflix food documentaries Netflix

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown meets every prerequisite I have for what makes a good food documentary. It’s truly an exploration of the unknown, from the exotic locales to the unimaginable variety of cultures, with, of course, great food along the way. This long-running CNN series is equal parts travelog, food documentary, and high-quality journalism rolled into a must-see show.

I’m a fan of the show and have been a fan of the late Bourdain for even longer. It’s difficult to square the unbridled joy and passion he shows with the events surrounding his passing. That said, this show is all about him doing what he does best, and is a nice way to remember him.

There are currently the five most recent seasons (out of 12) of the show on Netflix.

2. Jiro Dreams of Sushi

jiro dreams of sushi documentary Netflix

Sukiyabashi Jiro, or more widely known as Sushi Jiro, is one of the most famous sushi restaurants in the world. It’s expensive, and getting a reservation is hard enough that there are guides online on how to go about it. Eating at this three Michelin star restaurant is bucket list fodder for any sushi lover and it’s all because of one man — Jiro Ono. Jiro Dreams of Sushi is an excellent documentary that showcases the life, the struggles, and the incredible success story of the man behind it all.

3. The Chef Show

the chef show with john favreau Netflix

Jon Favreau, who dabbled with culinary big-screen adventures in Chef, and chef Roy Choi join forces in this part cooking show part docu-series that showcases great food from all over the U.S.. It’s a light-hearted show that is compelling and fun because everyone on-screen is also having a great time. Of course, a lot of celebrities and celebrity chefs make an appearance too. If you ever wanted to see a foodie version of Marvel’s Avengers, this is the show for you. Eight half-hour episodes are available in volume 1 of the first season, but there’s very likely going to be a whole lot more.

4. Chef’s Table

Chef's Table netflix food documentary Netflix

Want to get a look behind the curtain at the lives of the most renowned chef’s around the world? Chef’s Table is a documentary that’s made for you. Each episode takes a deep dive into the professional and personal lives of these elite culinary masters. It wonderfully showcases what makes them tick, and more importantly, where their unmitigated passion for food comes from. There are currently six volumes of Chef’s Table on Netflix, with four to six episodes each. If you want more, you can also catch a season of Chef’s Table France on the streaming platform.

5. Street Food

Street Food documentary Netflix

This one’s self-explanatory. This food documentary series takes you on a journey to explore the phenomenon that is street food. It’s as much a part of the culture as a local language is in many parts of the world, and we get to see the life and stories of the talented cooks that feed millions of people every day. In the first season that is currently on Netflix, Street Food travels across nine Asian hotspots, from New Delhi, India to Osaka, Japan.

Honorable mentions:

  • The Mind of a Chef: Anthony Bourdain narrates while host David Chang takes you on a food journey to shows off a variety of cuisines, the work and passion of many international chefs, and Chang’s own culinary inspirations.
  • Somebody Feed Phil: Join Phil Rosenthal (creator of Everybody Loves Raymond) as he travels the globe to take in the local culture and cuisine.
  • Theater of Life: Massimo Bottura, widely considered to be the best chef in the world, brings his latest passion to life in this excellent food documentary as he attempts to tackle the rising problem of food waste in his own gourmet way.

Best Netflix health documentaries

1. The C word

the c word - best netflix health documentaries Netflix

The C word is one of the best health documentaries you can watch on Netflix that tackles the fight against cancer head-on. The Morgan Freeman-narrated documentary is an exploration of how cancer can be prevented in the first place with a three-pronged approach of diet, stress management, and exercise. The C Word is also a deeply personal story for writer and director Meghan O’ Hara, who began work on this documentary after surviving cancer herself.

2. A User’s Guide to Cheating Death

a user's guide to cheating death netflix documentary Netflix

A User’s Guide to Cheating Death isn’t going to help you gain immortality. However, it’s an interesting look at the lengths some will go to achieve the impossible. From diet fads and genetic testing to ancient therapies and bio-hacking, Timothy Caulfield explores everything people do to be healthier, happier, and live longer. There are currently two seasons of six episodes each of A User’s Guide to Cheating Death on Netflix.

3. Why are we getting so fat?

why are we getting so fat documentary Netflix

Obesity is now a very serious health concern in many parts of the world, and this BBC documentary (an episode of the BBC 2’s Horizon series) attempts to figure out the reasons why. From eating habits to genetics and psychology, Dr. Giles Yeo, a Cambridge geneticist, explores why some people tend to be overweight and how science can help combat this growing problem. It’s a compelling documentary that everyone should watch, especially if you find yourself struggling with weight loss.

4. The Bleeding Edge

the bleeding edge Netflix

The Bleeding Edge aims the spotlight on an exponentially growing part of the medical industry — medical devices. This controversial documentary brings the FDA and the industry as a whole to task with regards to poor research, testing, and regulations. All of which ultimately hurt consumers while raking in billions of dollars for manufacturers. If a regulatory body isn’t going to step up, it’s up to the consumer to be more aware. That starts by watching one of the best Netflix health documentaries around.

5. Food: Delicious Science

the science behind food Netflix

This documentary series is all about the science behind food. Why do we like or dislike certain flavors and how simply looking and smelling food affects us are some of the questions that are tackled by TV presenter Michael Mosley and botanist James Wong. What puts it on the list of health documentaries for me is the final part of the three-part first season. It’s all about the impact food has on our health and how finding the right balance between proteins, fats, carbs, and vitamins is key.

Honorable mentions:

  • Unrest: This heart-wrenching documentary is a personal account of one person’s struggles with a condition that is often ignored, chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • What the Health: What the Health explores the link between diet and disease, and what’s at stake for the billion-dollar food, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries.
  • The Truth about Alcohol: The Truth about Alcohol follows ER doctor Javid Abdelmoneim and he uncovers the risks and benefits of alcohol consumption.

That’s it for this roundup of some of the best health and food documentaries on Netflix!

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