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The 16 best movies on Freevee to stream for free

Watch these great movies without needing to sign up or pay a penny.

Published onJanuary 22, 2024

Stock photo of Freevee by Amazon logo on phone next to box 3
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Amazon Freevee is a video streaming service that operated through Amazon Prime Video, though it is effectively a different service. Unlike Prime Video, where you have to pay a subscription fee to access its library of movies and TV shows, Freevee offers thousands of TV series and movies completely for free, with some ads dropped in before and during your streaming selection. The free streaming service has a pretty solid library of movies, with new titles added all the time, but what are the best movies on Freevee?

We have 16 movies that we think are worth your time, and they are all currently available on Freevee. You can access the service now at the link below:

Best movies on Freevee

Editor’s Note: We will update this list of the best movies on Freevee as new films are added and others leave the service.

Charade (1963)

Stanley Donen Films

What you need to know:

  • Rating: 7
  • Runtime: 113 minutes
  • Director: Stanley Donen
  • Main cast: Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Walter Matthau, James Coburn, George Kennedy, Dominique Minot, Ned Glass
  • Genre: Comedy, Mystery, Romance
  • IMDB rating: 7.9

Charade has a little bit of everything in it — romance, mystery, comedy, and danger. Regina discovers her husband has been murdered, and their apartment has been stripped barely of all its components. She’s told by the police that her husband, Charles, sold their belongings and was going to make a run for it before his murder. Is this true, or a cover story? Regina chases after her list of suspects to find his murderers and answers. 

Ready to watch? You can find the movie right here on Freevee.

Point Break (1991)

point break
Johnny Utah Productions

What you need to know:

  • Rating: 15
  • Runtime: 122 minutes
  • Director: Kathryn Bigelow
  • Main cast: Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves, Gary Busey, Lori Petty, John C. McGinley, James Le Gros, John Philbin
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
  • IMDB rating: 7.2

Upon investigating a strange bank robbery, Bodhi is convinced the perpetrators are surfers. With this in mind, he infiltrates a group of surfers to try and find the criminals. Here’s the thing: it turns out Bodhi loves his new undercover life and his new friends. What’s he going to do? Watch as things escalate into an ending you’ll never see coming. 

Ready to watch? You can find the movie right here on Freevee.

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

What you need to know:

  • Rating: 14
  • Runtime: 81 minutes
  • Director: Daniel Myrick
  • Main cast: Rei Hance, Michael C. Williams, Joshua Leonard, Bob Griffin, Jim King, Sandra Sánchez, Ed Swanson
  • Genre: Horror, Mystery
  • IMDB rating: 6.5

A group of student filmmakers enters a cursed forest to make a documentary about the Blair Witch. Initially, playful skepticism gives way to escalating dread as bizarre occurrences defy rational explanations. Lost and rattled, tensions surge as the mythic horror becomes nightmarishly real. Will these students escape the surrounding woods or fall prey to its spectral dangers?

Ready to watch? You can find the movie right here on Freevee.

News of the World (2020)

Tom Hanks and Helena Zengel ride a wagon together in News of the World
What you need to know:

  • Rating: 13+
  • Runtime: 118 minutes
  • Director: Paul Greengrass
  • Main cast: Tom Hanks, Helena Zengel, Michael Angelo Covino, Ray McKinnon, Mare Winningham, Elizabeth Marvel, Fred Hechinger
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama
  • IMDB rating: 6.8

A former soldier from Texas travels across the United States to read the news of the world to local townspeople on his route. When he encounters a young girl who was kidnapped, he agrees to try to get her home to her family despite a difficult road ahead.

Tom Hanks gives a powerful, moving performance in this underrated Western gem. A victim of Covid distribution complications, the film is worth checking out for free on Freevee.

Ready to watch? You can find the movie right here on Freevee.

The Gift (2015)

What you need to know:

  • Rating: 15
  • Runtime: 108 minutes
  • Director: Joel Edgerton
  • Main cast: Jason Bateman, Rebecca Hall, Joel Edgerton, Allison Tolman, Tim Griffin, Busy Philipps, Adam Lazarre-White
  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
  • IMDB rating: 7

Simon and Robyn are a normal couple, bombarded by gifts from Gordo, Simon’s old classmate. Simon is skeptical of Gordo’s intentions and soon tells him to stop coming by or getting them gifts. The gifts disappear, and Robyn begins to feel like she isn’t alone in the house when Simon leaves for work. Is Gordo up to something? Who’s the real bad guy here, and what’s Simon hiding?

Ready to watch? You can find the movie right here on Freevee.

Half Nelson (2006)

Half Nelson (2006)

What you need to know:

  • Rating: 14
  • Runtime: 107 minutes
  • Director: Ryan Fleck
  • Main cast: Ryan Gosling, Shareeka Epps, Anthony Mackie, Jeff Lima, Monique Gabriela Curnen, Tina Holmes, Nathan Corbett
  • Genre: Drama
  • IMDB rating: 7.1

Dan Dunne is addicted but seems perfectly normal when teaching during his day job. None of his students know, except one. What’s Dan going to do about that student? A bond forms between the two as lines blur. Is this going to end well?

Ready to watch? You can find the movie right here on Freevee.

Ghost In The Shell (1995)

Ghost in the Shell
What you need to know:

  • Rating: 14+
  • Runtime: 82 minutes
  • Director: Mamoru Oshii
  • Main cast: Atsuko Tanaka, Akio Otsuka, Iemasa Kayumi, Koichi Yamadera, Yutaka Nakano, Tamio Ohki, Tessyo Genda
  • Genre: Animation, Action, Crime
  • IMDB rating: 7.9

In a future version of Tokyo, there is the threat of a hacker who can literally enter the minds of other humans. A special team, led by cyborg soldier Major Motoko Kusanagi is assigned to take the hacker out. However, Kusanagi also has to deal with the possibility that the life she remembers living may be a lie.

This is still one of the best examples of Japanese anime film, with some spectacular visuals and art design, There are some great action sequences, and the plot of Kusanagi’s possibly false past is intriguing as well. This is the best adaptation of the Ghost in the Shell Japanese manga comic, although there are some good follow-up movies and TV shows. You can skip the recent live-action movie, though.

Ready to watch? You can find the movie right here on Freevee.

Insomnia (2002)

What you need to know:

  • Rating: 13
  • Runtime: 118 minutes
  • Director: Christopher Nolan
  • Main cast: Al Pacino, Robin Williams, Hilary Swank, Martin Donovan, Maura Tierney, Nicky Katt, Paul Dooley
  • Genre: Mystery, Thriller
  • IMDB rating: 7.2

Burr and Eckhart are investigating the death of 17-year-old Kay. Burr is also on trial for fabricating evidence to put away criminals, where Eckhart is testifying against him. During a shootout with a suspect, Burr accidentally kills Eckhart and has to go to great lengths to cover it up. Will he be able to get away with this? Did he kill Eckhart on purpose? 

Ready to watch? You can find the movie right here on Freevee.

Last Night in Soho (2021)

What you need to know:

  • Rating: 16
  • Runtime: 116 minutes
  • Director: Edgar Wright
  • Main cast: Thomasin McKenzie, Anya Taylor-Joy, Matt Smith, Rita Tushingham, Michael Ajao, Synnøve Karlsen, Pauline McLynn
  • Genre: Horror, Mystery
  • IMDB rating: 7

Ellie is a young fashion designer, taking after her mother. She’s a troubled woman, unable to get along with friends, with her bullying roommate not making things any better. She moves into a bedsit, owned by an older Ms. Collins. That’s when she starts having vivid dreams about a girl called Sandy. Dreams are fine, but she seems to carry remnants of them over to the real world. She even starts dressing and looking like Sandy, before she discovers a murder that she has to solve to save herself. 

Ready to watch? You can find the movie right here on Freevee.

Alligator (1980)

A giant alligator bursts through city streets in Alligator
Group 1 Films
What you need to know:

  • Rating: 15+
  • Runtime: 91 minutes
  • Director: Lewis Teague
  • Main cast: Robert Forster, Robin Riker, Michael V. Gazzo, Dean Jagger, Sydney Lassick, Jack Carter, Perry Lang
  • Genre: Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller
  • IMDB rating: 6.1

When a massive alligator goes on a killing rampage, a cop and a big-game hunter have to find a way to stop it, all while figuring out how discarded lab animals injected with growth hormones allowed it to mutate into a nearly unstoppable beast.

Directed from a tight screenplay by John Sayles, Alligator manages to stand out from post-Jaws creature features as a smart, campy ode to Hollywood’s very best B-movies.

Ready to watch? You can find the movie right here on Freevee.

Open Your Eyes (1997)

What you need to know:

  • Rating: 13
  • Runtime: 117 minutes
  • Director: Alejandro Amenábar
  • Main cast: Eduardo Noriega, Penélope Cruz, Chete Lera, Fele Martínez, Najwa Nimri, Gérard Barray, Jorge de Juan
  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction
  • IMDB rating: 7.7

Eduardo portrays a playboy who never falls in love until he meets Sofia. His ex is obsessively stalking him and tries to kill herself and Cesar in a car crash. Cesar survives the car crash, but his face is disfigured forever, his charms all gone. Watch Cesar deal with his new life in this surreal, but “eye-opening” movie. 

Ready to watch? You can find the movie right here on Freevee.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

Sally crawling to safety in Texas Chain Saw Massacre - best movies on Shudder
What you need to know:

  • Rating: 17+
  • Runtime: 83 minutes
  • Director: Tobe Hooper
  • Main cast: Marilyn Burns, Allen Danziger, Paul A. Partain, William Vail, Teri McMinn, Edwin Neal, Jim Siedow
  • Genre: Horror
  • IMDB rating: 7.4

When a group of young people try to enjoy a quiet getaway in the country, they accidentally stumble upon the home of Leatherface, a crazed, masked killer who wields a chainsaw and is just one member of a family of cannibals.

One of the best horror films of all time, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is also among the best movies on Freevee. The classic has inspired countless other films, as well as a huge number of sequels, prequels, spinoffs, and remakes.

Ready to watch? You can find the movie right here on Freevee.

Secretary (2002)

Lionsgate Films
What you need to know:

  • Rating: 16+
  • Runtime: 104 minutes
  • Director: Steven Shainberg
  • Main cast: Maggie Gyllenhaal, James Spader, Jeremy Davies, Lesley Ann Warren, Stephen McHattie, Amy Locane, Patrick Bauchau
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • IMDB rating: 6.9

A woman recently home after a stay in a mental health hospital takes a job as a secretary to a domineering, demanding lawyer. Soon, their relationship turns sexual and sadomasochistic as they continue to work together professionally.

A dark and bizarre love story, Secretary played a major role in establishing Maggie Gyllenhaal as a talent to watch. It remains a major achievement in her career and is a smart, thorny movie worth checking out on Freevee.

Ready to watch? You can find the movie right here on Freevee.

Roadgames (1981)

What you need to know:

  • Rating: 14
  • Runtime: 101 minutes
  • Director: Richard Franklin
  • Main cast: Stacy Keach, Jamie Lee Curtis, Marion Edward, Grant Page, Thaddeus Smith, Steve Millichamp, Alan Hopgood
  • Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
  • IMDB rating: 6.6

A truck driver identifies a serial killer and chases him across, meeting several characters and hitchhikers along the way. He befriends Pamela, a female hitchhiker and apparently the kind of person this killer targets, and they set out to solve this one together. 

Ready to watch? You can find the movie right here on Freevee.

Promising Young Woman (2020)

Carey Mulligan drinks from a straw while reading a book in Promising Young Woman
Focus Features
What you need to know:

  • Rating: 16+
  • Runtime: 114 minutes
  • Director: Emerald Fennell
  • Main cast: Carey Mulligan, Bo Burnham, Alison Brie, Clancy Brown, Jennifer Coolidge, Laverne Cox, Chris Lowell
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • IMDB rating: 7.5

This wild thriller sees a young woman coping with a traumatic event in her past, seeking out vengeance on the men who wronged her, all while letting her barriers down to pursue a possible romance.

This Academy Award-nominated film has been hailed as an instant feminist classic by some and dismissed as a cheap piece of exploitation by others. We have to give it its due for tackling difficult subject matter with a fiercely cynical sense of outrage that can’t help but provoke strong reactions.

Ready to watch? You can find the movie right here on Freevee.

Miss You Already (2015)

Miss You Already (2015)
New Sparta Films

What you need to know:

  • Rating: 12
  • Runtime: 112 minutes
  • Director: Catherine Hardwicke
  • Main cast: Drew Barrymore, Toni Collette, Dominic Cooper, Paddy Considine, Jacqueline Bisset, Honor Kneafsey, Charlotte Hope
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • IMDB rating: 6.8

Milly and Jess have been friends forever. One is falling sick, while the other is trying to start a family. As both situations evolve, they threaten to tear them apart and ruin their relationships with the other people in their lives. Will the friendship survive?

Ready to watch? You can find the movie right here on Freevee.

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