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Netflix has a wonderful amount of great content, and we are here to find the best kids movies on Netflix. While Disney Plus is now available with its huge library of content, that doesn’t mean you can’t find some great family movies on Netflix.

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While you can still a few Disney movies for kids on Netflix at the moment, this list will go over the absolute best family movies on Netflix. Yes, there are still a couple of films from the mouse house, but the rest are from outside Disney. You can sign up for Netflix at the link below:

Best kids movies on Netflix:

Editor’s note: We will update this list as more family movies on Netflix are added, and others are removed.

The Princess and The Frog

We’ve all heard the tale of the frog prince growing up, but this charming Disney movie takes things in a different direction. After kissing the frog prince, our unsuspecting heroine is turned into a frog. Eventually, the two must work together if they want to ever become human again. Along the way, they meet a bunch of fun characters, sing some catchy songs, and realize that what they want and they need in life are not necessarily the same thing. The story is relatively predictable but it’s a fun watch. It’s also the last hand-drawn Disney movie to date which gives it a special place in many people’s hearts. It’s definitely one of the best kids movies on Netflix.

The Muppets

Disney bought the rights to The Muppets a while ago, and its first major effort was this 2011 reboot. Amy Adams and Jason Segal (who also co-wrote the movie) star along with Kermit, Fozzie, Miss Piggy, and all your favorites. It’s an old-fashioned musical as The Muppets find out their theater is being torn down. They have to raise $10 million in order to save the day. This is just a pure fun, and funny, family movie.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

This 2009 movie is very loosely based on the children’s book of the same name. The writer-director team of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were in charge of this adaptation. The story revolves around Flint Lockwood, who manages to invent a way to create food out of water. However, he also manages to lose the food-making-machine in the clouds above, and thus his home town has to deal with tons of food falling from the skies. It’s a funny movie, even with its very goofy premise.

Enola Holmes

enola holmes

Stranger Things’ Millie Bobbie Brown has yet another hit character on her hands after her turn on the Netflix series as the psychic-powered teen Eleven. In this original Netflix movie, she plays the previously unrevealed younger sister to the great detective Sherlock Holmes. Enola Holmes has some mad skills as well, and she will need them to find her mother, who has just gone missing. It’s a ton of fun for any age to watch. It’s one of the best kids movies on Netflix.

The Mitchells Vs The Machines


This 2021 family film centers on, ironically, a fairly ordinary family. The mother, father, daughter, and son of the Mitchell family all have their quirks, and you could even say it’s a slightly dysfunctional group. However, things change when an advanced AI is created and decides to take over all machines to destroy all humans. There’s just one family that can defeat this robot apocalypse, and that’s the Mitchells. While there is a lot of human and action in this animated film, it’s ultimately about how a family can come together to help each other.

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Over the Moon

over the moon

Glen Keane, who helped animate some of the best of the Disney hand drawn animated films (The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin), directed this Netflix original CGI film. It’s  centers on Fei Fei, a young Chinese girl who decides to build a rocket to the Moon to prove that the ancient Moon goddess Chang’e is real. While the trip to the Moon doesn’t go quite as planned, Fei Fei does arrive at her destination but then things take a turn. This is a great hidden gem and one of the best kids movies on Netflix.



Martin Scorsese directed this family-friendly movie in 2011 and it’s also one of the best kids movies on Netflix. It’s set in Paris in the 1930s, where a young boy, after the death of his father, tries to fix an old automaton (mechanical man) they both tried to fix together. However, the movie shows that the automaton might have some interesting secrets of its own to reveal.


This 2019 Netflix original movie was nominated for the Best Animated Movie of that year at the Academy Awards. This movie is basically an origin story for Santa Klaus. A postman who lives in the far northern areas of the world hooks up with Klaus, a humble toymaker. Together, they start sending toys to local children and soon Klaus starts to develop into the Santa Claus we all know and love. It may be a “Christmas movie” but it’s still one of the best kids movies on Netflix.

We Can Be Heroes

This movie is the sequel to 2005’s The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl (also on Netflix). This sequel shows how those two young superheroes are now grown up and have kids of their own. However, aliens have arrived to kidnap the duo, and other adult superheroes, and now it’s up to their children to save them. Other cast members include Priyanka Chopra, Christian Slater, and the original Lavagirl Taylor Dooley (Taylor Lautner, who played Sharkboy in the original film, won’t appear in this sequel, with a body double taking his place in a small cameo).

The Croods

the croods

This CGI movie has a very different setting and premise. It’s set on Earth, but before civilization truly started, centering on a family of pre-historic humans. When their home cave is destroyed, the family goes on a journey to a new home. The movie gets some big help from some big Hollywood voice actors like Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, and Emma Stone.

These are the best kids movies on Netflix you can watch right now in our opinion. We’ll make sure to update this post with new titles once they hit the streaming service.