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The best Samsung Galaxy A35 cases to get

Keep your Galaxy A35 safe and sound with one of these cases.

Published onMarch 14, 2024

Samsung Galaxy A35 12222

Did you get yourself a Samsung Galaxy A35? While it is considered a budget phone, it is still an important investment. You will want to keep it protected and in pristine condition for as long as possible. Here are the best Samsung Galaxy A35 cases you can get right now.

The best Samsung Galaxy A35 cases

Editor’s note: We will update this list of the best Samsung Galaxy A35 cases as more become available.

FNTCASE Clear Protective Phone Case

FNTCASE Clear Protective Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy A35

Samsung does a great job making its phones look good. And this is the case even for its affordable handsets like the Samsung Galaxy A35. The device looks nice, and maybe you want to be able to enjoy its aesthetics. This is why this FNTCASE Clear Protective Phone Case is one of the best Samsung Galaxy A35 cases. It’s completely transparent and relatively thin.

Despite its simple design, it is actually a pretty resistant case. It has been drop-tested to withstand 15-foot drops. There are air-cushioned sections in all corners, and the raised lip protects the screen. Don’t worry if you feel the screen needs more protection, though, as the case also comes with a screen protector and even a camera protector. All for just $10!

Poetic Revolution Case

Poetic Revolution Case for Samsung Galaxy A35

Poetic is known for its quality cases, and it was one of the first major manufacturers to release some of the best Samsung Galaxy A35 cases. The Poetic Revolution Case is quite the treat if you want a rugged case. It is shock-proof, drop-proof, impact-resistant, and scratch-proof. You will get two front frames, one of which has a screen protector, so you can choose whether you want the extra protection.

Additional features include a sliding camera protector as well as a built-in kickstand. Poetic also mentions the screen protector works with the under-display fingerprint reader but mentions you should ensure there are no air bubbles in this area. At $19, this is also relatively affordable for a rugged case.

Poetic Guardian Case

Poetic Guardian Case for Samsung Galaxy A35

If you like Poetic, but would prefer something a little nicer, you can go for the Guardian series at $23. It’s still very affordable for a rugged case. It comes with all the same protection, including a construction that exceeds MIL-STD drop tests. It also comes with two front covers, one of them with a screen protector and one without.

The main difference is in the design. This one comes with a transparent back, which looks more refined. The kickstand is also built into the camera frame, which is pretty cool, and the kickstand hides away very seamlessly when not in use. And since it’s also slightly raised, the kickstand also helps protect the protruding cameras.

KSWOUS Magnetic Case

KSWOUS Magnetic Case for Samsung Galaxy A35

Are you a fan of magnetic wireless charging? If so, this will be hands-down your favorite Samsung Galaxy A35 case. The KSWOUS Magnetic Case comes with a magnetic area in the back, which means you can use it with MagSafe accessories. Just keep in mind the A35 doesn’t support wireless charging, so you can’t use it with MagSafe chargers, only things like wallets and such. Additionally, the same area stores a ring that can be used as a kickstand or as a finger ring for a better grip on the device.

The TPU inner liner and PC exterior also make this a very resilient case. It actually provides “military-grade protection,” so it is a rugged case. And it comes with a couple of screen protectors. The price is super accessible, too, at just $11. Or you can get it in one of the many available other colors for $13.

Osophter Phone Case

Osophter Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy A35

Rugged phones are reassuring, but they can be bulky and don’t tend to look very nice. Maybe you want a Samsung Galaxy A35 case that actually has its own look. The Osophter Phone Case is made of TPU. While softer, this material is less slippery, ensuring a better grip. It is also a lighter and thinner case. It also has quite a bit of style, featuring a brushed back with carbon fiber-looking elements.

You get two screen protectors included, too. And it only costs $10. You can get it in black or blue.

Elubugod TPU Case Cover

Elubugod TPU Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy A35

Here’s another simple case with a very unique look. The Elubugod TPU Case Cover is one of the best Samsung Galaxy A35 cases if you want something different. The groves make it easy to hold while also giving it a very interesting aesthetic that many of you will like. And since it’s made of TPU, it’s less slippery and lighter. Not to mention, this material is excellent at absorbing shock.

The Elubugod TPU Case Cover is only $11. So it’s also a great deal.

Taneny Wallet Case

Taneny Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy A35

We know many of you like these wallet cases, so we had to include at least one in our list of the best Samsung Galaxy A35 cases. The Taneny Wallet Case is great, offering a very nice PU leather design with a subtle metallic logo. It also features a magnetic closing flap, and a simple cutout so you can talk on the phone with the front closed.

Inside, you’ll find a nice larger cash pocket, as well as three card slots for IDs or payment cards. And if you care for security, this case actually has RFID-blocking technology built right into the lining. The foldable design also doubles as a phone stand for hands-free viewing. You can get it in six different colors, and it only costs $14. Not bad, right?

AKABEILA Wallet Case

AKABEILA Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy A35

While classic wallet cases are fantastic, they can be a bit bulky and not as straightforward to use. The AKABEILA Wallet Case is one of the best Samsung Galaxy A35 cases if you want a more minimalist case but with some extra functionality.

It’s a clear case that will showcase your natural device’s aesthetics, but it also has a single card holder in the back for convenience. It also works well as a general case. It is made of TPU, which makes it great at absorbing shock and staying light. And the air-cushioned corners will help improve the odds your phone survives a drop. At $14, it’s a pretty affordable case, too.


You can’t use Galaxy A34 cases with a Galaxy A35. While the Samsung Galaxy A34 and A35 look very similar, the dimensions are slightly different. These also have buttons and other elements in slightly different places.

The Samsung Galaxy A35 doesn’t support wireless charging, so you don’t need to worry about any case supporting said feature.

Waterproof cases do exist, but we don’t really trust them enough to recommend them. They usually come from odd brands and don’t seem very reliable. If you want to take your phone for a swim, we recommend getting a good waterproof pouch instead.

The Samsung Galaxy A35 doesn’t come with a case. Some manufacturers include a case with new phones, but this is not a common practice for Samsung.

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