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The best Fitbit Inspire 3 bands to kit out your wrist

Give your new fitness tracker personality and purpose with a new band.
October 14, 2022
A Fitbit Inspire 3 displays a basic watch face perched on a blue surface.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

The Fitbit Inspire 3 is the company’s most attractive budget fitness tracker yet. Adopting the Luxe aesthetic but the Inspire 2’s launch price, it’s also one of Fitbit’s most exciting devices of the year. It lands with plenty of new functionality, but you’ll likely want to add a splash of customization to the mix. The best way to do just that is with a new band. Here are the best Fitbit Inspire 3 bands available right now.

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The best Fitbit Inspire 3 bands

So what should you consider when buying a Fitbit Inspire 3 band?

For one, it’s important to clarify exactly how you intend to use your fitness tracker. Do you spend more time at the gym or pool than anywhere else? Consider a band that’s soft, flexible, and water resistant above all else. Elastomer, silicone, and metal are the best materials for such a scenario. Those who spend most of their days in the office may like a leather or metal strap to give their Inspire 3 a touch of class. If comfort is a top priority, we’re partial to stretchy fabric bands that are light on the skin and easy to remove.

Find a list of official and third-party Fitbit Inspire 3 bands worthy of your consideration below.

Fitbit Classic Band: The best Fitbit Inspire 3 band

A Fitbit Inspire 3 on a user's wrist displays the home screen.
Kris Carlon / Android Authority

The Fitbit Inspire 3 doesn’t have a ton of third-party accessories at present, but Fitbit makes three bands for its latest fitness tracker. The best is the standard Classic band. Available in three colors (Morning Glow, Lilac Bliss, and Midnight Zen), the band features a soft-feel elastomer construction with a metal clasp. Your Inspire 3 will come with one of these bands in the box, but if you want one of the other three official colors available, grab them using the button below.

Fitbit Stainless Steel Mesh Band: The best metal Fitbit Inspire 3 band

A Fitbit Inspire 3 with a gold stainless steel mesh band rests on a notepad.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Stainless steel’s an excellent band material for a fitness tracker. Not only is it resistant to the elements, but it also shouldn’t irritate your skin even after hours of wear. Speaking of wear, a metal band will likely last a lot longer than an elastomer option. Fitbit’s official metal band is by no means cheap, but it sure is a looker. It’s available in two colors (Platinum and Soft Gold) and features a flexible mesh design that’s both pleasant to the touch and the eye.

Fitbit Translucent Band: A more fashionable Fitbit Inspire 3 band

A Fitbit Inspire 3 displays a user's SpO2 level.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Are you looking for something a little more playful? The translucent band from Fitbit is a great choice. Available in two colors (Chili Pepper and Deep Dive), the band is slightly transparent with a lighter border. This design makes it decidedly different from any other Inspire 3 band available. The elastomer construction should also be good for gym-goers and runners while withstanding splashes from the pool and shower.

Voma Leather Band: The best leather Fitbit Inspire 3 band

voma genuine leather band fitbit inspire 3 bands

There are no official Fitbit leather bands available for the Inspire 3, so we turn to third-party manufacturer Voma. This particular example uses genuine leather in a bevy of colors and designs (Black, Pink, Colorful Floral, Leopard, and Sunflower) that should appeal to all tastes. You don’t want to get leather wet too often, so perhaps go for a metal or elastomer band if you’re using your Inspire 3 for intense physical activity. However, this makes for a great everyday or special occasion band.

RuenTech Bands: The best bulk pack of Fitbit Inspire 3 bands

ruentech fitbit inspire 3 bands

We love a deal that offers good value for money, and this pack of eight bands by RuenTech is just that. The bands employ a silicone construction, making them ideal for active users and general wear. Each of the eight bands arrives in a different color, too, letting you color code your watch strap to your wardrobe, or choose a different shade for each day of the week. Best of all? The pack is remarkably affordable at just $16.

Top Fitbit Inspire 3 questions and answers

To remove the Fitbit Inspire 3 band, pull each of the silver push pins on either side of the tracker while softly tugging at the band. The band should release.

According to Fitbit, the small band fits wrists between 5.5 to 7.1 inches (140 to 180mm), while the larger band fits wrists between 7.1 to 8.7 inches (180 to 220mm) in circumference.