hulu christmas movie

With Christmas just a few days away, many of you will be turning to your favorite streaming services to watch some great holiday films. That includes Christmas movies on Hulu, which range from the traditional to the downright scary.

While it was hard trying to find the good and the unique Christmas films on Hulu, we think we succeeded. Here are our picks for the best Christmas movies on Hulu.

Best Christmas movies on Hulu

1. Home for the Holidays

Actress Jodie Foster directed this 1995 holiday comedy classic. (It actually takes place on Thanksgiving, but we will give it a pass). Holly Hunter plays a woman who just lost her job in Chicago. She decides to head back to her home town of Baltimore to spend some holiday time with her parents and extended family. As you might expect, lots of mishaps occur as family members get in the way of each other at home. Look for Robert Downey Jr. in a pre-Iron Man role here.

2. Daddy’s Home 2

This is the 2017 sequel to the hit family comedy. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are back as the step-father and father, respectively. Both are trying to be the best fathers they can be to their loving daughter and son. For the sequel, set during the Christmas holiday, Ferrell and Wahlberg also have to deal with their own fathers, played by John Lithgow and Mel Gibson. Yes, even John Cena shows up to make problems in this Christmas movie on Hulu.

3. A Very Brady Christmas

a very brady christmas

The Brady Bunch TV show continues to be highly popular. This year we got to see the original house from the series get a makeover in A Very Brady Renovation TV show on HGTV. On Hulu, you can also watch A Very Brady Christmas. First shown in 1988, it reunites nearly all of the show’s cast (with the exception of Susan Olsen, who was not available to play Cindy Brady). The plot is pretty simple; all of the Brady clan come back to their home for Christmas, but each member has their own personal problems they have to deal with.

4. Holiday in Handcuffs

holiday in handcuffs

One of the best Christmas movies on Hulu definitely takes a few chances with the typical formula for this type of film. The 2007 TV movie has Melissa Joan Hart playing a woman who has been dumped by her boyfriend, just as she was going to introduce him to her parents for Christmas. So she does what any normal person would do. She kidnaps a random man, played by Mario Lopez, and tries to convince her parents he’s her new boyfriend. Several escape attempts by Lopez later, he finally gives into the true meaning of Christmas. Yes, it’s odd.

5. Snow

Here’s another holiday TV movie that takes a few liberties from the usual Christmas romance film. The 2004 release features a young man named Nick Snowden. He also happens to be the son of Santa Claus. He has to rescue Buddy, a young reindeer who can’t fly yet. The reindeer is stranded in a human zoo. When Nick goes to find it, he also finds Sandy, a cute zookeeper, and they fall in love. It’s definitely not your usual Hallmark-like Christmas romance.

6. Married by Christmas

On the other hand, if you really want a traditional Christmas rom-com, the 2016 released Married by Christmas is better than most. It’s a female holiday-themed take of Brewester’s Millions. A woman has to deal with the fact that her grandmother’s will states she has to get married by Christmas. If she doesn’t, she loses her share of the vast family fortune. It’s not exactly high-brow comedy, but it’s certainly a fun romp while also dealing with themes of true love and what people might do just to get married.

7. Krampus Unleashed

If you really want to watch one of the best Christmas movies on Hulu, you might want to look outside the norm. This 2016 horror film is all about the “evil” Santa Claus legend, Krampus. In this movie, the half-demon, half-goat is running amok in rural Arizona. He is accidentally freed from a “summoning stone” and starts killing off members of a vacationing family. Needless to say, this is a Christmas movie on Hulu that’s not for kids.

8. A Nasty Piece of Work

This last movie is actually a Hulu original, part of the Into the Dark monthly series of short horror films. It deals with the fact that, sometimes, companies are not exactly cool about Christmas. A man who expected to get a bonus this year actually is getting something different. He and a fellow co-worker are invited to his boss’s home. The objective? The boss wants the two employees to battle to the death for that bonus. It’s The World’s Most Dangerous Game, Christmas style.

That’s our picks for the best Christmas movies on Hulu. We will update this post in 2020 as the holiday season comes around once again. And if you’re looking for more to watch, head here for a list of even more Christmas favorites on all of the streaming platforms.