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Best Android widgets for the Samsung Galaxy Note


Published onJuly 19, 2012

Being an owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note, you may have encountered some little inconveniences when it comes to accessing a certain app when you need to use it right away. Because of the Galaxy Note’s rather wide screen, you’ll find it a bit taxing to tap and flip through screens just to launch an app. This is exactly why widgets were made.

If you are not really a fan of widgets, you should try considering using some to make your life easier and more comfortable. With just a tap, you can launch an app right from your homescreen. We’ve listed some of the best widgets that will best go with the Samsung Galaxy Note in terms of performance and aesthetics. Read on and maybe you’ll be convinced to make use of these little helpers.

Like putting all your frequently used apps on your home screen? Multicon Widget is the widget that does exactly that. It lets you experience convenience at its finest by placing the apps that are very important to you on your home screen, saving you from more tapping and flipping just to access a certain app.

This widget gives you the option of putting apps by ones, twos, fours, eights, twelves, and sixteens. You get to set the number of columns and rows the widget should have, giving you much control on how you want your apps to be arranged. If you don’t really like the look and feel of the regular app sizes, this widget will definitely give you a lot of variation, you might even consider placing almost all of your installed apps on your homescreen.

Multicon Widget looks and functions great on the Galaxy Note. Wider screens would mean wider spaces, enough for this widget to maximize its full capability.

It really is a great luxury to have an awesome phone like the Samsung Galaxy Note. We get to do a lot of things with this phone and tablet hybrid; one of them is browsing the Internet. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr have become staples to most people, so accessing them more than thrice in a week is a fair average. With the Galaxy Note, a data connection, and a widget that makes toggling data easier, accessing these sites can be done even daily.

Data Enabler Widget, as the name suggests, toggles your data connection in a faster and more convenient way. With this widget on your homescreen, tapping to the settings of the phone is no longer needed. You also don’t need to long press the power button to enable your data connection, because with just one tap on this widget, your mobile data connection will then be enabled.

The widget doesn’t take much space on your home screen. It’s not too small and not too large, just the right size for tapping. This will save you time from navigating through your phone just to enable your data connection. And of course, this widget can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

We all know how great of an app Evernote is. It is one of the most useful apps the Google Play Store has to offer and arguably one of the best of its kind. If you are a fan of this app, why not consider getting its widget, too? Evernote Widget on your homescreen is one thing you should and must have. Seriously.

The developers, Evernote Corp., made this widget in the hope of providing users the best experience in using Evernote. Do take note, you must have the Evernote app installed on your Galaxy Note for you to be able to use this widget. You can choose between a small widget or a large widget for your homescreen. The small widget allows you to create new text, snapshot, or audio notes, and directs you to the search screen. The large widget has the same options as the small widget, plus snippets of the notes you’ve recently viewed.

Customization of the widget is also possible. You can set the note styles, bar buttons, and a lot more. Evernote Widget together with the Evernote app are indispensable must-haves for Android users, especially Galaxy Note owners.

The Galaxy Note is a beautiful device with an equally beautiful display. Having said this, placing beautiful widgets on it is just the most rational thing to do. Turning your phone into eye-candy can be easily done especially when you have the most stunning wallpapers and, of course, widgets.

Beautiful Battery Disc widget is not just all talk. It is indeed one of the most beautiful battery widgets an Android user can have. Amid its gorgeous and simple design, this widget doesn’t come short when it comes to its function. It does what it’s supposed to do: display the remaining battery your phone has. This widget does not only show that but also tells you the temperature of your battery in both degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit and the battery’s voltage and health as well. You can also customize how large you want your widget to be, either 1×1 or 2×2.

This widget also comes in another color, the Beautiful Battery Disc White widget. Both these widgets are absolutely free. Getting something as beautiful as this widget for not a single penny is one thing you shouldn’t miss.

Counting down the days to a very important event is now made easier and livelier with Days Left Widget. Why livelier? Is it because of the colors? Yes, it is indeed the colors. You have all the freedom in the world to assign a color to an upcoming event, making the wait less boring and dragging.

Whether you are counting down the days to your trip, graduation, or wedding, Days Left Widget does the job pretty well. Having it placed on your home screen will keep you reminded of the days left for a particular event so that every time you use your Galaxy Note, this little widget will never fail to catch your attention. You can place more than one reminder on the home screen, perfect for those of you who have a number of things to be reminded of.

The customization of the widget is pretty much extensive, allowing you to have icon overlays on one reminder that will also make it great to look at and help you sort out important events if you got a ton of them on your homescreen.

Days Left Widget comes in 1×1, 2×1, and 3×1 sizes, so if you’ve got a lot of due dates to remember, these sizes will help you prioritize the most important ones. Days Left Widget is, of course, downloadable for free.

There are a lot of beautiful and attractive widgets you can place on your Galaxy Note’s screen. In fact, there are too many that you’ll have a hard time on choosing which one to pick. That’s one reason why this list was made, to help to you when you are choosing which widgets to get. Beautiful Widgets, developed by LevelUp Studio, is one widget that should not be overlooked.

This widget has the essentials all in one: date, clock., weather, battery, and toggle switches. What makes this widget live up to its name is the numerous skins and themes you can use for your icons. You can have one skin or theme today and another tomorrow. The customization is almost endless, making sure to suit your preferences.

This widget allows you to set what application to launch whenever you tap on the hours, date, or weather forecast details on the widget. It’s just like having a widget that does not only show you important information but also keeps your most-used apps in one place. This widget’s Super Clock comes in HD together with the weather and battery which you can have in 5×1, 4×3, 4×2, 4×1, and 2×1 sizes. Beautiful Widgets will definitely look beautiful on your Galaxy Note’s home screen.

ClockQ – Digital Clock Widget is the widget a person that loves variety should have. Although it’s limited to only being a clock widget, the number of customizable features greatly compensates. If you are fed up with how plain your clock looks, you’ll have the chance to look at it in a different style everyday through this widget.

This widget gives you the freedom to set the clock’s font, color, opacity, shadow, and a lot more. With only just setting the clock’s font, you can already have a stylish clock sitting on your homescreen but when you throw in the other customizable options, you’ll never look at it the same way again. Mixing and matching the customizations will make it seem that you have different clock widgets when in fact, you have only one.

ClockQ – Digital Clock has 25 great fonts to choose from and if you upgrade to the paid version, you get to have 38 fonts. The widget also comes in two sizes, 4×2 and 2×1. Make your homescreen’s clock look different each day with this awesome widget.

Music enthusiasts won’t need to scramble for the Galaxy Note’s inbuilt music player just to satiate their need to hear tunes. What they need is a widget that will readily supply them with their needed music fix and PlayerPro Widget Pack is just what they have been lacking in their lives.

For this widget to work you should have PlayerPro Music Player installed on your device, otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy this widget’s features. The developers made this widget to address the issue of Android’s incapability to support home screen widgets for applications that are not installed on the SD card. With widgets like PlayerPro Widget Pack, you can still use it despite moving the app to the SD card, making your life easier.

This widget has five different homescreen widgets that come in 4×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, and 4×2 sizes. Each widget’s skin can also be customized from 6 other available skins and you have the option to set what to display on your widget. You can set the widget to display the artist’s picture instead of an album artwork or you can also choose to display the star ratings of a particular track, as well as the shuffle and repeat controls.

Ever experienced being asked something but couldn’t think of an answer to give? Or, have you been in a situation that you really want to know a certain thing’s history really quick, say, for an exam starting five minutes from now? Bid these situations goodbye, for a widget can help you avoid being stuck in such a predicament.

Quick Search Widget, free takes searching a step faster and makes it more efficient. Place this widget on your home screen and it will aid you tremendously when you are in a hurry to search for a particular item from the Internet, may it be from Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Wikipedia, or other websites. You can add multiple widgets on your home screen and you can switch from one search engine to another with just one tap on the widget.

The search results will directly be opened using your browser. You won’t need to actually navigate to your browser and tap a few times more before getting what you need. With this widget, searching is made lightning-fast and won’t require you to tap more than twice just to answer your queries. It supports many different languages which you can later set when you customize your widget’s search engine.

From Thalion, the same developer who brought us the Beautiful Battery Disc, comes another widget that exudes the same elegance and beauty. If you’ve got the Beautiful Battery Disc widget, get this one too, have them placed side and by side and you’ll have two of the most attractive circular widgets ever.

Brightness Level Disc shows you your screen’s current brightness level and lets you set the brightness settings just by tapping the widget. The widget is very easy to use despite looking Tron-ish and it doesn’t need somebody who knows rocket science to understand how this widget works. The widget comes in two sizes, 1×1 and 2×2.

Get this widget to put a stop to the times when your phone gets a tad too bright for comfort. With just a simple tap on it, you can either lower or put the brightness level higher, whatever you prefer. Brightness Level Disc is downloadable for free from the Google Play Store. Together with Beautiful Battery Disc, turn you Galaxy Note’s home screen more attractive with these widgets that has both the looks and the functionality.

Most people with Android devices love to play with every customizable part of their phone or tablet. Starting from custom ROMs, customizing an Android device is more fun compared to non-Android devices. One thing you can expect to change according to your liking is your SMS/MMS user interface. And, we all know one app that does well in that aspect: GO SMS.

If you have GO SMS Pro, try getting its widget, too. GO SMS Widget enables you to view your messages on your homescreen. That’s not all, you can also reply to your messages straight from your home screen using this widget. Having the GO SMS app and this widget will take your messaging experience to greater heights, something a stock SMS UI is short of.

Apart from viewing and replying to messages, you can also compose a new message, delete a message, or mark a message as read. The widget comes in both an icon size and a 4×2 size and you can change the widget’s settings and style. GO SMS Widget is completely for free but do keep in mind that you need to have the GO SMS Pro app installed on your Galaxy Note to be able to make use of this widget.

When we talk about widgets, most often than not, clock and weather widgets come to mind. These are two of the most used by both phone and tablet owners. You’ll even notice tons of clock and weather widgets on the Google Play Store, varying from style to style, color to color. You have to have a lot of time if you want to choose one of each for the number of these widgets grow larger as time passes.

Having both the clock and weather widgets in one package is now possible with Fancy Widgets. Downloading separate ones is quite inconvenient so the developers, Android Does, packed both the clock and weather widgets in one to save you time. This widget is highly customizable, giving you more options in setting the widget according to your preferences. You can configure the clock’s date and time formats and you can also choose to have either Google or AccuWeather for your weather forecasts.

You are also given the freedom to configure the refresh interval of your weather forecast, making it up-to-date. You also have access to the Fancy Widgets Market where you can download more skins for your widget. If you get to love this widget, you’ll love it even more if you acquire the paid version that has more features and options like backing up and restoring widget settings, more skin choices, fancy weather animations and a whole lot more.

Here’s another widget that will surely make you love listening to music. Poweramp Standard Widget Pack lets you listen to your favorite tracks with great ease and comfort. With this widget on your Galaxy Note’s home screen, tapping and flipping to the inbuilt music player will be a thing of the past. Accessing your tunes using this app will free you of the time-consuming navigation to the music player most especially when you want your music right then and there.

Just like the other music player widget on this list, this widget also requires the Poweramp Music Player app installed on your device. You can have the widget as big or as small as you want. The buttons for this widget are easy to tap on and are very responsive. Customizing the widget is also possible, allowing you to choose from different styles in showing the album art, as well as its opacity. Shuffle and repeat buttons are also present in the widget.

This widget pack can be downloaded for free. Have this widget on your homescreen and instantly groove to your favorite tunes in less than a second.

Busy people need to be reminded of important engagements and events because if they are not reminded, they easily forget. If you are as busy as a bee and you have been in numerous embarrassing situations like when you come in really late because you’ve forgotten about that certain meeting, then having this widget is a necessity.

Countdown Widget is a very useful widget for people who juggle a lot of things with their limited time. Having so much to think about will usually leave no room for you to remember important events and will usually result in demerits on your part. Whether it is for personal or business use, Countdown Widget will surely do the trick for you.

This widget is easy to use and has no confusing settings and options. You only need to key in the name of the event, the event date, and assign a color that best suits your preference. The widget will show you the remaining days before the event, keeping you on track. You can have the small or the larger widget placed on your screen. Icons found on the left side will help you sort out the past events from the upcoming ones.

Android Pro Widgets packs all the useful homescreen widgets one will ever need. It has widgets for calendar, agenda, contacts, bookmarks, messaging, Twitter, and Facebook. Aside from showcasing useful widgets, you won’t be disappointed with its sleek and polished look. This will greatly add to your homescreen’s attractiveness factor on top of all the functions this widget can offer you.

Imagine accessing most of your needed apps without having to leave the homescreen.  Android Pro Widgets lets you use your apps comfortably and easily, with full freedom to customize the widgets’ skins. Aside from the mentioned widgets above, you an also have a widget for Google Reader, but you have to download it separately.

The Facebook, Twitter, and Timeline widgets are scrollable. You are not just given two or three updates from these sites but you can scroll the widgets to view other statuses or tweets. Scrollable widgets would also depend on your launcher so keep in mind that if your widgets cannot be scrolled, it’ll mean that your launcher does not support it. On the Google Play Store page of this widget, you’ll find the launchers that support scrolling and the browsers that support the bookmark widget.

Widgets are mainly designed to provide comfort and convenience for users. Having a rather large phone like the Galaxy Note will most likely have you using both hands to be able to support and navigate through the phone. One hand can be used, though, but it is more comfortable to use both hands. Using widgets can lessen the burden of tapping a few more times just to turn off a certain setting.

GO Switch Widget has all the needed functions that need quick toggling. This widget makes toggling a lot easier and faster. Commonly used functions like Wi-Fi, GPS, Ringer, Airplane Mode, and Data Connection can be easily accessed using this widget. You can customize and set what functions you want on the widget and change the widget’s skin for a fresher look. You can also re-order the functions on a widget, according to how often you make use of a certain function.

GO Switch Widget can house almost up to 12 toggles and 2 controls. The widgets can be placed on the home screen either by 4×1 or 1×1 sizes. Be reminded that this widget works with GO Launcher EX installed on your device, so you’ll need the launcher first before you can enjoy the widget.

Most Android users enjoy live wallpapers on their devices. The fact that these wallpapers are very pleasing to the eye, placing icons on the homescreen, is sometimes avoided as not to spoil the beauty of the live wallpaper. But with Glass Widgets, you can now place you frequently used apps in the form of widgets on your home screen without compromising your live wallpaper.

Glass Widgets also houses most of the basic home screen widgets like the clock and the calendar. The one thing that makes this widget stand out from the rest is the fact that you still can enjoy looking at your wallpaper without anything obstructing it. Glass Widgets are indeed “glass,” allowing you to see through your wallpaper even with the presence of a widget.

You can opt to have separate widgets for the clock, calendar, and news, or you can have them combined in a 4×3-sized widget. If you get this widget’s paid version, you can change the tint and transparency of the widget’s background to best suit whatever your wallpaper may be.

Go back to the days when the clocks make use of flipping mechanisms to change the time — with Retro Clock Widget. You won’t need to purchase an actual mechanical flipping clock just to get a glimpse of how awesome it looks. You can have it on your Galaxy Note.

Retro Clock Widget functions as a clock and a calendar at the same time. When you select this widget from your home screen, you have the option to either place both of the clock and calendar widgets on your home screen or you can choose to place any of the two. This widget looks really clean and simple, but what makes this widget worth the download is the fact that it really does flip. It’s honestly one of the main reasons why some users would take time to download this widget apart from its usability.

Retro Clock Widget is absolutely free on the Google Play Store. Download this widget today, place it on your Galaxy Note’s home screen, and see why the so-called flipping mechanism is worth a look.

Want eye-catching and stunning widgets on your Galaxy Note’s home screen? If you find your home screen a bit monotonous and dull, HD Widgets will certainly liven it up.

Similar to Fancy Widgets and Beautiful Widgets, HD Widgets also has commonly used widgets like the clock, calendar, weather, and function switches. Although it has almost the same features with the others mentioned in this list, its edge lies in the vivid and vibrant HD quality of its widgets. This widget is extensively configurable to match your preferences, providing you with tons of styles and designs.

Fonts, backgrounds, and clock colors are just some of the things you can tweak to make your widgets more attractive and elegant. You can also put more than one widget on the same homescreen, if you prefer showing off your style in numerous ways.

HD Widgets is written natively for Ice Cream Sandwich and is now optimized and readied for Jelly Bean. So, don’t worry if you have plans of upgrading your Galaxy Note’s firmware, this widget will still work well and look great.

Get HD Widgets from the Google Play Store today. You get to have heavily-detailed and polished widgets on your home screen with only less to take out from your pocket.

And, to wrap our list up is another great-looking widget that you will love seeing on your Galaxy Note’s home screen. Sense Analog Clock Widget Dark is designed to look clean, sleek, and elegant, a perfect fit for an equally sleek and elegant device.

This widget may look minimal, but its options are far from being restricted. You have a lot of things to customize in this app, including weather icons, weather and forecast layouts, 170 widget skins, color choices for all that is displayed on the widget, and a lot more. Temperature, moon phases, humidity, wind speed, and precipitation percentage are also some of the information you can choose to be shown on the widget. Tapping on the hours and minutes of the clock will also launch an application of your choice.

You’ll love how lively and stylish your homescreen will look with this widget. Apart from that, useful information about the temperature will come in handy, especially if you did not bring any rain gear. You can download Sense Analog Clock Widget Dark  for free from the Google Play Store.

Spruce up your homescreen with best widgets for the Samsung Galaxy Note that we have listed and break off the monotony of using just the same old widgets over and over again. Do remember that the Galaxy Note is one mighty phone-slash-tablet, so it is justifiable to equip it with powerful but attractive widgets.

What widgets brighten up or reside on your Samsung Galaxy Note’s homescreen?

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