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Best Android Apps to Show Off Your New Android Phone

From widgets to games, we got you covered!

Published onOctober 11, 2011

A lot of mobile phone enthusiasts and app developers were genuinely excited when Big G (Google) finally announced that it was releasing an Operating System designed for smartphones. Just a few years after its introduction, it has finally come into its own – and is now the most dominant OS for smartphones in the world, and with it too, the quality of apps just keeps getting better!

Android has come a long way since its releases a few years ago. You could check the person’s mobile phone sitting next to you in the subway and there’s a fairly good chance that they’re carrying an Android phone. So if you’ve just got hold of the latest HTChandset or any of Samsung’s eye popping gadgets then finding an app that gives you some bragging rights is certainly in order.

So, the next time someone at the office starts doodling with his iPhone, pull out your Android and show them what your packing. Without further ado, here’s some of the best apps to show off your Android phone.

Beautiful Widgets

It’s all about customizing your smartphone and nothing comes close to what Beautiful Widgets brings to the table. How many iPhone owners could honestly say that their handset’s different from their son’s iPhone? Beautiful widgets give a myriad of options for customizing your phone. From themes to wallpapers, to those awesome widgets that make it possible to view the latest weather or schedule an Apps launching.

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One of the best things that high-end Android smartphones do over its iPhone counterparts is its high image quality and ability to display videos crisply. Netflix’ has fully optimized its application for use over the Android. Making viewing movies, TV shows and video streaming a smoother experience.

Homerun Battle 3D

No top list would be complete without an eye popping and visually stunning game included. Homerun Battle 3D helps you showcase your Android phones display that will leave any iPhone owner drooling with envy. Homerun Battle 3D is an arcade type of game where you can pit your skills against the best sluggers in the world. Rendered with eye-popping graphics, this visually stunning game allows you to compete against your friends over WiFi or 3G networks. This application also provides a high degree of customization with hundreds of equipment and player feature combinations.

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Kindle for Android

Kindle for Android brings you over 1 million books including New York’s Best Sellers right into your handset. This showcases your Android phone’s flexibility making reading books over at your mobile phone a truly relaxing experience. Why buy a Kindle tablet or iPad when you could have the same experience on one device. Save hundreds of dollars by investing in a device that could deliver

Gun Brothers

Gun Bros is a 3D action shooter that features that lets players choose from two players (Francis or Percy Gun) and uses dual stick controls. The graphics are stunning and the environment perfectly reflects its galactic theme. The app comes with Game Center support that allows players to fight with their friends characters. The game is completely free but in store items are available for purchasing upgraded weapons and power ups. Gun Bros lets you upgrade your weapons while playing the game but app purchases allows you to progress thru the levels easier.

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Having problems managing all your social networking accounts? Seesmic places Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz and Salesforce chatter into one app. This app includes a widget that notifies you of any new updates from your social networking sites. Keeping in touch with your friends has never been easier with this app that integrates your social networking accounts into a single app.

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Turn you’re an Android phone into a newspaper or magazine while sipping your favorite cup of coffee. Pulse News is an App that offers you a visually appealing way of viewing your favorite news and social media content by using an interactive mosaic. Tapping on an image lets you view it as simple plain content or takes you to the website itself. All content is automatically updated 24/7. Every Friday, Pulse displays new sources of popular content from news feeds to the latest in technology.


Android’s Comics App is simply the best comic reader specifically designed for Android phones. Its GuidedView features make full use of your Android phone’s small display that makes reading comics smoother and clearer. Thousands of the latest and best comic titles from the biggest comic companies available for download.

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Having a hard time identifying that song over the radio? Shazam for Android listens to the song and almost magically identifies the music title and artist for you. It also gives you access to Amazon so you could purchase the song and store it on your smartphone. Share your new found discovery with friends over Facebook or Twitter.



These are just a few of the great Apps that could be found in the Android Market. I’m sure you’ve got a few ones up your sleeves as well. But, these apps represent a few of the best apps in the Android Market, and, with over 300,000 apps and growing – and with most of them free – you’re bound to find something you like too! Any favorites that you have,
that we should put on this list?

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