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Best Android apps for learning math


Published onMay 5, 2012

Android Math Apps

As much as we hate numbers, we know we can’t escape them. Just when you thought you were rid of your primary and high school classes, numbers are everywhere. They can be part of your job and they certainly can be part of your grocery shopping. Whether you’re an adult who wants to keep your skill with numbers sharp or you’re a parent tutoring his or her child on mathematics, we’ve got your back. We’ve put together for you a list that not only includes Android apps for adults but apps for kids, as well.

The first app that we have for you is Kids Numbers and Math. As the name of this app suggests, it is an app for kids, specifically for preschoolers who want to learn their math. Kids Numbers and Math teaches children about numbers and basic mathematical operations in an easy and fun manner. Your kid will be able to easily learn math with this app because numbers are spoken aloud in kid-friendly English, making them easy to understand. If your child is a fast learner, Kids Numbers and Math also has advanced exercises to keep your child entertained. Set the number ranges depending on your kid’s progress and rest assured that your child will be having fun with numbers. If you want your child to learn math in a fun and easy way, Kids Numbers and Math is the way to go.

There is nothing more useful than a sharp and alert mind that works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can achieve this mental sharpness with Math Workout. This app gives your brain its daily dose of mental exercise by testing your mental math once a day. It gives you math drills which are designed to enhance your mental arithmetic. There’s no reason to let your math skills atrophy; whether you’re at work or at home, work that brain and see just how well you can solve these exercises. It also allows you to track your progress with charts of your past performances. Work out your mathematical skills daily with Mental Math.

Becoming a genius like Albert Einstein may be very hard for the average person but we can start with Einstein Math Academy. This app provides edutainment for all ages so mom, dad, and child can learn and practice their Math in a fun way. It’s basically a game where you need to find equations that work. It has four different game modes to choose from, namely, Kids, Timeless, Quick and Survival. The game has a complexly designed scoring system so you need to be very good with your math to top the scores. What’s even better is that Einstein Math Academy is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Just like the first two apps, Brain Exerciser is designed for the purpose of giving your brain some exercise. The app has three 3 games that you can play to refresh your mathematical skills. There is the Add like Mad game where you need to tap on the squares to add numbers so that they become equal to the value at the top before the time runs out. There is also the Number Breaker where you need to destroy all the digits, and the Balloon Solver where you need solve for the right answer to pop the balloon before the time runs out. While enjoying the games, you can also share your scores via Twitter or Facebook to let your friends know how well you’re doing. Brain Exerciser is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Solving any mathematical equation is easier when you’ve got a pen and some paper but doing it mentally and paper-free is harder especially if you do not have a very imaginative mind. Mental Math can help you out with that. It teaches you how to master mental math through games. The app gives you useful tips for getting around difficult math problems. It also has times table training to help you sharpen your multiplication skills, as well as training in the four arithmetic operations with three levels of difficulty. And, to help you better improve your mental math, it has a “hide question” mode to train you to remember numbers in mind.

Falling Math is a simple game to help you enhance your mathematical skill, and it is also very effective. To play the game, you need to simply touch the right answer from the falling choices before it drops off the screen. You need to be super fast in your calculation to keep up with the falling answers. The fun part is that if you get the correct answer, the choices will fall faster for the next problem. Talk about challenging but your brain and your math skills will certainly thank you for it. Falling Math is free to download from the Google Play Store.

Another app that will help your kids to learn math is Mad Math 4 Kids. Just like some of the apps we’ve already mentioned, Mad Math 4 Kids helps your child learn basic arithmetic operations through a game. To play the game, a subtraction or addition equation with three numbers should be found and then solved. Once the equation is solved, another one replaces it. Your goal in Mad Math 4 Kids is to solve as many equations as possible within the given time limit. This challenging game will help push your child’s brain to its limit and definitely improve his/her math skills.

Math Ninja is also another app that can help improve the mathematical skills of your child, specifically in using different math operations and solving complicated problems. Math Ninja does this through different mathematical games. It has 15 games to practice the different mathematical operations at 10 levels of difficulty. Math Ninja also has two game modes which involve cutting the wrong answer or cutting the correct answer. Your child is sure to have even more fun when they get to choose from between two different avatars and the app packs great sound effects to add to the gaming experience. It has 1,000 math problems that your child can solve while playing the games.

Arithmetics for Kids is another simple math game to help your child start learning mathematical operations. It is both an educational and entertaining game and your child will enjoy playing without feeling the pressure of learning math. To play the game, three adjacent numbers should be connected using subtraction or addition so that their sum will equal the target number. It’s very easy but the real challenge for your child is that he or she must solve as many problems as possible before time runs out. This game will exercise the mathematical thinking of your child making him/her perform calculations quickly, as well as developing concentration and focus.

Baby Learns Numbers, like most of the apps featured above, is more of a gaming app but much simpler. The aim of this app is to simply teach babies to know and recognize their numbers. Everything is presented in cute and attractive graphics to gain the interest of your child. After he or she learns the numbers, the app has a knowledge test where your child must fish for the right kind and number of fish depending on the number on the bucket. This app is a good head start for your baby to learn math.

Numbers may look intimidating but with the right mindset, and a phone full of math apps, you’ll be solving numbers quickly and without needing a calculator. Your child won’t have to view numbers as scary either when they can learn how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide in fun and interesting ways. What are you waiting for? Get started on sharpening your number skill by downloading a math app for your Android device today. If your favorite math app didn’t make it on our list, share it with us in the comments section.

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