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Best Android apps for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts

Read this article to learn more about apps that will surely compliment your hobby.

Published onMay 22, 2012

Nothing is more relaxing and fun at the same time as a hobby. It makes your life better, not only giving you time to de-stress but to keep your hands from getting idle. Hobbies can range from building a miniature ship in a bottle to making a scrapbook of pictures of yourself. For every hobby that you enjoy, there is always an Android app that will help guide you in sticky situations. Whether it’s an indoor pursuit to happiness or an outdoor adventure, nothing beats an app that will help and guide you along the way. Read the rest of this article to learn more about apps that will surely compliment your hobby.

Love building miniature scaled figures? If you do, you should download Hobby Model Scaler from AgurApps. Hobby Model Scaler is great for laying out plans for small scale dioramas or miniatures that hobbyists want to build from scratch. The app is perfect for replacing traditional methods of constructing miniatures using pen and paper.

Hobby Model Scaler is absolutely free to download, allowing users to quickly scale measurements of just about anything. The app is tailor made for model makers, miniature ship builders or small scale hobbyists. Hobby Model Scaler features forward and backward scale that allows you to scale actual based objects to a desired or specific scale depending on your own choosing. You can choose from a pre-defined list of scales or enter your own figures manually. There is also a Get Scale feature that is used to scale both object and model size if they are available. Mixed unit types can also be used if one scale is unknown.


Finding the right color is important when it comes to designing or painting your mini-scaled figures. Choosing the right color can be a daunting and meticulous task, most especially you don’t know the exact color code to paint your miniature. Thanks to Magic Color Picker, finding the right color will never be a problem again.

Magic Color Picker is a powerful color selection tool, essential for designers, artists, hobbyists and programmers for color selection purposes. The app also supports 7 different modes in color choosing, such as RGB, HSV, HSL, and YUV color charts. Selecting a color is easy as users just need to pick a region of the color model that they have chosen and the app will automatically display the hexadecimal equivalent.


Here’s another color reference app that will make your miniature painting extra special and accurate. As a rule of thumb, when it comes to small scale miniatures, important details must not be left out. Hobby Color Converter is the just the right application to get you started on painting realistic miniatures from famous brands such as Tamiya, Revell, Humbrol and Vallejo paints.

Hobby Color Convertor can be a helpful guide that matches the color equivalences of various brand paints used in many model kits. The latest version of Hobby Color Converter features the latest color chart from the said brands. Rest assured that these color paints are accurately obtained from the manufacturer themselves so users of the app will be guaranteed that what they are seeing in the charts also reflect the actual color code themselves.


If you’re planning on a project, you’ll want to work on it without wasting precious time. Work Calendar is just the right app to schedule your busy life. Perfect for hobbyists and model builders, Work Calendar can plan your schedules right from start to finish. Work Calendar will help you sort out work schedules, shifts, and other important stuff.

All entries are synchronized via Google or Exchange calendar so you don’t have to worry about losing important data on the process. Take your schedule anywhere from your PC and on your phone and let Work Calendar do all of your planning.

Work Calendar is programmable and setup categories will serve as templates that can easily be used in entering shifts or specific work schedules for when you want to start working. The app also supports hour counters, 3 widgets with configurable design, overview or year-end summaries. Work Calendar also has a free version that you can try before buying the premium version.


If you’re a fan of paper folding, then Origami Fun will surely brush up your skills on the Japanese craft. Paper folding has never been so easy thanks to Origami Fun. The application is guaranteed to take away boredom from every possible angle.

Learn the tricks in the art of paper folding and teach it to your friends and family. In Origami Fun, users can learn different Origami crafts. Choose from a wide variety of origami creations like birds, flowers, boxes, insects and animals, stars, hats and so much more. Once you select a category, you will then be shown different Origami figures specific to their chosen category.

The app is very detailed in teaching you Origami figures, as it displays a picture and step by step instructions. You can also download the complete guide in PDF format and if you still can’t follow the tutorial, well, you might as well watch it via YouTube.


Who says that scrapbooking is only for girls? Everybody! Scrabook for Android is not just your ordinary scrapbook tutorial that you can find on the Internet; consider this as digital art expression on your mobile phone.

If you have been scrapbooking all your life then Everybody! Scrabooking by Elecom Co, is a suitable app that will channel your creativity into digital art. The app is pretty useful if you still want to sketch your ideas on a digital medium rather than directly applying it into physical art. Creating scrapbooks is as simple as pie. The app functions as a sketch pad, where you can freely adjust images, rotate files, scale with a touch in the editing page or even attach a recorded message.

Users can create a more stylish scrapbook with the use of the design pack. After you’ve created a masterpiece, you can share your work via mail, Facebook, Twitter and many other SNS sites.


Sketching couldn’t be as fun and addictive thanks to Autodesk’s SketchBook Mobile Express. Everytime you have that spark of inspiration, you can always use the app to sketch out your dream miniatures. With a simple, intuitive UI at your fingertips, sketching miniatures will never be a problem.

Sketchook Mobile Express offers a wide variety of tools at your disposal, including assorted brushes, pencils, charcoal, air brushes and a whole lot more. This isn’t your ordinary painting application. It’s a full featured professional painting software. You can create simple images with just a few strokes of the brush but Sketchbook Mobile Express isn’t limited there. The app is powerful enough to create realistic characters or even create scenes for dioramas. You can also try the paid version as well, jam packed with additional features.


For everything DIY, WikiHow has got you covered. WikiHow has over 120,000 articles available on its extensive database of DIY knowledge. Have you ever wondered how to lose weight? Or how to know if your crush likes you? Well, WikiHow has every “how to guide” in its arsenal for people who love to learn and explore without spending cash on expensive tutorials or equipment.

Using the application is simple. All you need to do is launch the app, pick a category and you’re good to go. If you can’t find a specific how to guide, you can always use the search tool. WikiHow covers a whole range of categories that include arts and entertainment, computers, family life, health, food, entertainment, and technology just to name a few. If you’re searching the Internet for DIY tutorials then look no further than WikiHow. It has every guide imaginable compiled under one cyber roof.


ConvertPad is the world’s most powerful fully featured converter that is great for DIY enthusiasts about to start a new project. With over 8 million downloads, ConvertPad is considered to be the prime choice of many consumers looking for a quick and easy way to get accurate measurements.

ConvertPad is intuitive and easy to use. It provides real time currency check and unit conversion, all done on a clean user interface. The app supports well over 24 languages, unit measurement, thermodynamic steam tables, mathematical formula, and the ability to make your own pre-defined units. ConvertPad is a great companion for those tight situations when you need fast and reliable measurements.


Here’s one app that will put all of your shopping needs right in the palm of your hand. The Home Depot Android app takes shopping experience to a whole new level, both inside and outside of the store.

Users can browse and purchase over 300,000 home improvement products such as bathroom utilities, decorating ideas, kitchen remodeling, living room furniture, camping equipment, lighting needs, concrete, cement, carpets, and so much more. Using the app is just like browsing the aisle of The Home Depot store.

The app lets users browse products and check out the store inventory. If you have problems with locating a Home Depot Store, you can easily use the Store Locator feature and let the application guide you to the nearest shop in your vicinity. Users can also be notified by push messages delivered straight to your phone.


Having problems getting the right measurement for your DIY project? All you need to address that problem is Smart Tools, a handy application that does everything from measuring angles to getting the sound level. Smart Tools is an all-in-one package that includes all the 5 app sets from the developer, packing a grand total of 15 tools in one neat package.

Each set is categorized according to its usage, namely, Smart Ruler Pro, Smart Measure Pro, Smart Compass Pro, Sound Meter Pro and Smart Light Pro. Never again will you need to bring another set of tools when you’re making a project, as Smart Tools will transform your Android smartphone into something useful. Smart Tools takes advantage of your phone’s sensors, converting them into cool real-life tools for you to tinker with. It’s like having a Swiss knife packed in your mobile device.


Dwell from Zumobi Network is another lifestyle application suited to every architect’s and designer’s dream of a fancy house. There aren’t many apps on the Google Play Store that are purely dedicated to design and architecture, but with the Dwell app, users will never have to find a replacement.

With an amazing UI, together with high-resolution pictures and professional articles supplementing your thirst for knowledge, Dwell can inspire you in many ways, especially if you’ve been thinking of building a new house. Dwell is a magazine focused on home design, events, and products. Whether you’re an architect or just an ordinary DIYer who doesn’t want to spend much on home decorations, then you can subscribe to Dwell for tips and tricks from professional architects.


Thinking of ways to redefine your home and changing it into a work of art? You can make this possible with Make Your Home by Antonio Tonev. Make Your Home provides a wealth of information that teaches users how to finish decorating their home.

Browse Make Your Home’s high resolution pictures for design inspiration. You can also get ideas for repairing your home or redecorating ideas for your next DIY project. Pictures are categorized according to different parts of the house; browse interesting pictures of bathrooms, bedrooms, chairs, corridors, kids’ rooms, and so much more. You can even share a picture with your friends on various social networks.


Looking for the ultimate DIY calculator? Then look no further than Handy Construction Calculators, the ultimate construction calculator. Handy Calculators from Sidetop Software is not your ordinary calculator. It features 58 calculators that are individually designed for specific purposes. The app is pretty much useful in almost any field. Take the app with you when you are constructing something and you will be amazed by the sheer number of calculators available for a specific type of measurement.

Handy Construction Calculator features drawings and layouts to help users understand the output. This makes Handy Construction Calculator a popular choice for users, as it is simple to use and helps them understand what they are calculating with the aid of the drawings. Get measurements in different areas such as roofing, framing, walls, floors, ceilings, electrical problems, foundations, masonry, area, volume, measurement, and landscaping.


Here’s another construction calculator that will surely help solve your DIY problems. Handyman Calculator is a simple and easy to use construction calculator that helps you solve all your mathematical woes in an instant.

Handyman Calculator features not just calculating numbers but also NotePad support that lets you save calculated results in the app itself. It’s pretty useful if you are dealing with tons of numbers, especially when it comes to accurate measurements. Handyman Calculator features a fraction calculator, weight conversion, asphalt calculation, laminate flooring, speed, force, BMI, and energy conversion. The app’s easy to use UI can easily be understood and all you need to do is input the numbers in their corresponding fields and let the app do the rest of the calculation.


DIY has never been easier with a whole slew of apps for your Android device. Download some of these apps today and get creative. If your favorite DIY app didn’t make it on our list, share it with us in a comment below.