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Action movies on Hulu

If you love action movies you will find plenty to watch if you subscribe to the Hulu streaming video service. There are lots of films to enjoy that have fast cars, explosions, fights, and sharp one-liners. While one or two may have some interesting and deeper themes, action films are usually just meant to entertain, and Hulu certainly has many of them to stream.

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Here’s a list of the top 10 best action movies on Hulu that are currently available on the service.

Best action movies on Hulu

Editor’s Note: We will be updating this list as more action movies are added to Hulu and others are removed from the service.

1. Wolf Warrior 2

Wolf Warrior 2 Hulu action movie

One of the biggest box office hits of all time, Wolf Warrior 2 is an epic action movie that, if you live in the U.S., you most likely have never heard of. This 2017 film from China features Wu Jing (who also wrote and directed the movie) as a former Chinese Army army soldier who now works as a mercenary. In the movie, he has to protect a medical group in Africa from an opposing force of mercs, lead by “Big Daddy,” who is played by American actor Frank Grillo. The movie has tons of high-octane action set-pieces, and that’s thanks in part to the movie’s partnership with Joe and Anthony Russo, the directors of Marvel movies like Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. The duo consulted on the movie and even allowed their movie stunt team to help create the big action sequences. Wolf Warrior 2 ended up making $874 million, mostly in China, but you can catch this Hollywood-level action movie on Hulu right now.

2. Demolition Man

demolition man

Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes were both at the top of their game in this 1993 action film that actually seems more relevant today than it was when it was first released. Stallone plays LAPD cop John Spartan, who in the “near future” of 1996 is obsessed with bringing down Snipes’ criminal Simon Phoenix. Spartan does apprehend Phoenix but gets blamed for failing to save the lives of a number of hostages that Phoenix has captured. Both men are put into cryostasis (the new way to punish and incarcerate criminals in the “near future’), but Phoenix manages to get free in the year 2032, in a world which is now an (almost) completely peace-loving society. Only Spartan can bring Phoenix to justice. Demolition Man has some great action sequences, but also is highly funny and satirical as it tries to answer the question, “What would really happen if we all stopped fighting?”

3. The Matrix

Best Netflix action movies - The Matrix


The 1999 film remains one of the best action movies on Hulu, and one of the best action films, period. The Matrix did borrow heavily from kung fu movies and anime films for its look and feel, but none of them offered this blend of over-the-top gun battles and fights before, especially in live-action. Keanu Reeves plays Thomas Anderson, a computer programmer by day and hacker by night, who discovered very early in the movie that a group of rogue cyber terrorists want to recruit him. However, they are not what they first appear to be. Indeed, the entire world he lives in may not be what it seems. Hulu also has this movie’s two inferior sequels to check out as well; The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.

4. Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 Hulu


Before Disney Plus launches and takes a lot of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies with it, you can watch Iron Man 2 on Hulu. The 2010 movie is the third in the MCU series, and it brings back Robert Downey Jr. in his second outing as Tony Stark and the Armored Avenger Iron Man. This movie, while not as good as the original, is still very fun to watch, mostly to check out Downey Jr and his performance as the witty billionaire industrialist. This is also the first movie that features Scarlett Johansson playing the role of superspy Natasha Romanoff, a.k.a.The Black Widow, who has appeared in a ton of MCU movies since Iron Man 2. Also, we see the first appearance of Don Cheadle, taking over the role of James “Rhodey” Rhodes and also putting on the War Machine armor for the first time.

5. The Terminator

the terminator

While there were certainly action movies released before The Terminator, the James Cameron-directed 1984 film ushered in the modern era of action flicks, with nearly non-stop shooting, driving and battle sequences. While the film was clearly made on a low budget, Cameron used every penny of it to bring this story to life. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the title role, a cyborg who is the physical manifestation of an evil AI called Skynet that took over the world in the near future but eventually failed to keep it due to a small group of human rebels. The Terminator, via Skynet, has traveled back in time to 1984 in a last-ditch effort to win by trying to kill the mother of the human resistance leader, John Conner. While the first sequel, Terminator 2, is technically a superior film, it’s hard to describe just how much of an impact the original Terminator had on movies in the mid-1980s. While it looks a bit dated today, it’s still one of the best action movies on Hulu.

6. Stargate


This 1994 box office hit skillfully offers up an equal mix of action and sci-fi.  It starts with the premise that aliens arrived on Earth in the distant past, around the time of the dawn of civilization. In the present, humans have found an alien artifact in Egypt, and it turns out to be a way to travel instantly to another world. However, an expedition to go through the “stargate”, led by the U.S. military, quickly goes sideways. This looks and feels like a truly epic movie, thanks to the efforts of co-writer and director Roland Emmerich. It also helps that Kurt Russell and James Spader have great chemistry together as the lead characters; Russell’s stern but troubled Colonel Jack O’Neil and Spader’s eccentric but brilliant linguist Daniel Jackson. This movie leads to no less than three TV show spin-offs, and all of them are available on Hulu: Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate Universe.

7. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra Hulu action movie

After the success of the Transformers movie, Hasbro helped to launch another one of its 1980s toy brands, G.I. Joe, to the movies in 2009 with The Rise of Cobra. Directed by The Mummy’s Stephen Sommers, this film brought in the basic premise of the toy line, comic book, and animated series of the 1980s. G.I. Joe is the code name for a multi-national strike force who have to fight world threats. In this case, the threat is the team’s opposite number, Cobra, a highly funded and technologically advanced terrorist group. Many of the main characters from the G.I. Joe toy line are brought into the movie’s plot, which has Cobra trying to destroy Moscow and Washington D.C. with a special warhead that literally eats metal. Is the movie a bit goofy? Yes. Is it still fun to watch? Absolutely.

8. Lethal Weapon

lethal weapon

The 1987 buddy cop action movie still holds up very nicely over 30 years later. Written by Shane Black and directed by Richard Donner, this film focuses on Mel Gibson’s Martin Riggs, an LAPD detective who is great at his job, when he isn’t having crazy outbursts and suicidal thoughts. He’s paired with Danny Glover’s Roger Murtaugh, a by-the-books older detective who doesn’t want Riggs around because he could get Murtaugh killed. However, the two mismatched cops turn out to be the perfect pair to bring down a mercenary-controlled drug smuggling ring. Look out for big shootouts and a final confrontation between Riggs and Gary Busey, who plays the evil henchm an of this film.

9. Con Air

Ah, Con Air. This 1997 movie may not be on many people’s “best movie” list, but in the 22 years since its release, it has become something of a cult classic. That’s due in part to the performances of Nicolas Cage and John Malkovich. Cage plays a convict (wrongly imprisoned, of course) who is finally getting out of jail and wants to reunite with his wife and daughter. He’s put on a plane that full of other hardened criminals, including Malkovich’s character, who, along with a number of others, manage to hijack the plane in hopes of fleeing the country. It’s up to Cage to stop their plans. There’s plenty of shooting and explosions, but the sheer delight of this movie is seeing how Cage and Malkovich bounce off each other. It’s definitely one of the dumbest, but also best action movies on Hulu.

10. Mission Impossible: Fallout

mission impossibe fallout

The Mission Impossible spy-action film series (based on the 1960s TV show) has had its up and downs in terms of quality, but the 2018 release of the six M:I film may be the best movie yet in this series. Tom Cruise once again plays IMF secret agent Ethan Hunt, who in this mission (which he, of course, accepts) has to retrieve three plutonium cores that he and his team manage to lose. However, as with all of the M:I films, there’s lots of double and triple crosses, and many surprises in store for Hunt and his team along the way. Henry Cavill makes us forget (well, almost) that he was Superman, as he plays a CIA agent sent to monitor Hunt’s team. Writer-director Christopher McQuarrie keeps us interested with a variety of action set pieces, including a HALO jump, a chase through Paris and one of  the best fights inside a bathroom we have ever seen. Oh, and Cruise actually flies a helicopter for the film’s final sequence. Yep, he does that.

Those are the best action movies on Hulu that you can currently watch. Which ones do you plan to stream soon? Let us know in the comments.

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