Aren’t widgets great? Functions are one thing, but if you also need your widgets to look darn pretty, then the aptly named Beautiful Widgets is a fine app to have on your device. The app received its last major update back in December, as it moved up to version 5.0, now the developer is bringing more improvements and features.

Version 5.1 of Beautiful Widgets is now available for download on Google Play. Here’s what you can expect to see.

  • New weather provider
  • New Forecast Fragment Lifestyles
  • New widgets for tablets (6×1 or 6×2)
  • New beta channel
  • New layouts for WeatherWidgets 4×1

In addition to AccuWeather, you can now get those weather forecasts from Weather Underground. Other improvements include the ability to remove geolocation and disable weather animations, hide home fragment, new translations, and more.

That’s not all – as the updated app also offers loads of bugs fixes. To name a few, they have fixed the Daydream animation issues, live wallpaper background color, display issue with double digits negative temps, and others. You can find the full change log for Beautiful Widgets 5.1 at the developer’s website right here.

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Bams Sadewo
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