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Worried about cleaning your pool this summer? The Beatbot AquaSense Pro has you covered

You can take care of one of summer's biggest chores -- pool cleaning -- with the 5-in-1 Beatbot Aquasense Pro.
Brought to you by Beatbot

Published onJuly 7, 2024

AquaSense Pro next to a pool

Summer is here! And with rising temperatures comes the opportunity to open up your outdoor space, fire up the grill, and jump in the pool. What usually doesn’t show up in your summer photo album, though, is everything behind the scenes before the fun can actually begin. Pool cleaning and maintenance are particularly tedious chores that require hours of effort. Anyone with an open-air pool in their backyard knows the pain of drudging up leaves, branches, and other debris and cleaning the floor and walls. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for a pristine pool with glistening water to become a complete mess. That’s where Beatbot comes in!

Beatbot is a technology brand dedicated to automating pool care. Founded by home robotics industry experts, Beatbot’s goal is to build all-in-one robotics to address the hassle and challenges of pool maintenance. The company hits it out of the park with the Beatbot AquaSense Pro, a 5-in-1 pool cleaning robot.

Industry-leading 5-in-1 cleaning makes the AquaSense Pro the best in the biz

We aren’t hyperbolic when we say that the Beatbot AquaSense Pro can truly do it all, providing an unmatched hands-free pool cleaning experience. Its impressive cleaning features cover everything—the floor, the walls, the waterline, and the surface—and it also features industry-first water clarifying technology.

Enjoy spotless floors, walls, and waterline

Aquasense Pro on a pool floor

Nine motors power the robot as it swims and crawls around your pool to ensure a pristine look. Combined with a patented dual-group roller brush system (with two brushes at the front and back for a total of four), the robot mimics a scrubbing action as it moves along the pool floor and climbs up the walls. The brushes also operate independently, at different directions and speeds, to provide exceptional cleaning and to ensure that no part of the pool surface is untouched.

The AquaSense Pro uses powerful suction and track wheels to effortlessly climb up and clean the pool wall all the way up to the waterline. It also does an additional round around the waterline to eliminate oils, cosmetics, and other residue.

A debris-free water surface is a guarantee

aquasense pro cleaning floating debris on the water surface

It also cleans and maintains the water surface. Anyone who has ever had to go through the tedious and physical task of manually clearing leaves, branches, and other debris floating on the water will love this feature! Using the world’s first AquaGlide Simulated Flight Propulsion system, the AquaSense Pro swims across the water surface, sucking up leaves and other floating debris as it goes.

Crystal-clear water is easy

Rounding out its 5-in-1 cleaning features is a built-in clarifier dispenser that evenly spreads the agent during floor cleaning, ensuring unprecedented levels of water cleanliness and clarity. Once the robot is done, you’ll have no trouble seeing the spotless pool floor.

Easy-to-clean filters make a world of difference

Cleaning the aquasense pro filter

As helpful as robot cleaners can be, cleaning the robot itself is one of the biggest chores you might end up dealing with. The AquaSense Pro removes the pain with an easy-to-reach top-loaded filter that you can easily remove from the device.

The two-layer filter separates smaller and larger debris and makes it easy to dispose of both. One filter handles large debris like leaves, branches, and stones, while the other manages insects, hair, sand, or particles as small as 150 micrometers. Once you clear out the debris, all the filter needs is a quick rinse before you put the robot back to work.

Intelligent path optimization ensures no surface is untouched

How good an automated robot cleaner is depends entirely on how much area it can cover. Untouched and unclean areas are particularly evident in a pool, especially when the rest of it looks pristine. The Beatbot AquaSense Pro ensures that this isn’t a concern.

Advanced mapping and path planning cover all surfaces

advanced mapping of the aquasense pro

Utilizing ultrasonic sensors and an advanced AI algorithm for intelligent path optimization, the AquaSense Pro analyzes key aspects of your pool—the shape, size, and edge types—to create a precise map. The robot will not only seamlessly avoid edges and obstacles but also guarantee 100% cleaning coverage.

The robot builds optimized cleaning paths to avoid overlap but with no missed areas. It uses an S-shaped pattern for the pool floor and the water surface, while an N-shaped cleaning pattern for the walls and waterline mimics a scrubbing action.

Advanced parking features ensure you don’t have to go fishing for the robot

Aquasense Pro in the water next to a person

One of the biggest concerns when using a pool-cleaning robot is that it might suddenly stop at the bottom of the deep end if it runs out of battery or has other issues. Beatbot comfortably addresses the problem with its MemoryPark Smart Return feature.

As the name suggests, the AquaSense Pro remembers where it was placed in the water and returns to that spot when the battery goes below 15% or after it ends a cleaning cycle. It will also do if it runs into issues like full debris filters. Finally, it will also automatically start releasing any water while parked to make it lighter and easier to retrieve.

Cordless usage and excellent battery life ensure nothing is out of reach

Aquasense Pro on the charging station

Tangled wires and out-of-reach areas aren’t an issue with the AquaSense Pro. The robot cleaner’s 10,400mAh battery provides an impressive 9.5 hours of water surface cleaning or 5 hours of floor cleaning. When it needs a charge, you get a wire- and clutter-free docking station, which will have the AquaSense Pro up and running in just over three hours. Depending on the size of your pool, you likely won’t have to worry about the cleaner running out of steam before finishing a cleaning cycle.

Why wait? Get the Beatbot AquaSense Pro now!

Person carrying the aquasense pro

If you’ve just taken the cover off your pool and are already dreading the summer-long chore of pool maintenance, the Beatbot AquaSense Pro is the perfect gadget for you! With its unmatched versatility—it can clean pools of any type (in-ground or above-ground), shape, and size—and industry-first cleaning features, the AquaSense Pro takes all the hassle of pool cleaning away.

And with Beatbot’s Amazon Prime Day campaign underway, there’s no better time to buy the AquaSense Pro. From July 6 to July 17, enjoy the biggest discount available this year on the robot pool cleaner. And you don’t have to wait for the discount to change! Beatbot will offer the same unbeatable discount for the entire offer period. Check out Beatbot’s official website and its Amazon Store to find out more.

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