What is Autumn Leaves in HD Live Wallpaper?

Autumn Leaves in HD Live Wallpaper is, obviously, a live wallpaper that shows you autumn leaves. It uses parallax effects along with your gyroscope and home screen scrolling to show you a bright, colorful autumn scene that look really good. There are free and paid versions in the Play Store. The paid version goes for $0.99.

It works like pretty much every other live wallpaper. You download it, install it, and then change your wallpaper to start it up. In the free version you get three background images and two foreground themes which lets you try out the app to see if you like it. The paid version contains nine background images and six foreground themes. The app also boasts being 100% ad free and requires no permissions to run in both the free and paid versions.

The live wallpaper itself is quite gorgeous. It uses a little bit of camera trickery, your gyroscope, and home button swiping to create a parallax effect that is surprisingly enjoyable. There is a gentle wind that will move the leaves for you which adds a sense of realism you don’t generally see even if other well done live wallpapers. Most of the effects can be adjusted in the settings on both the free and paid version.

Autumn Leaves in HD screenshot

Damn this is one sexy live wallpaper.


Gorgeous, high quality wallpaper.
Parallax effects are marvelous.
Free and paid version available. Neither one uses permissions.
Perfect for fans of autumn.


Not perfect if you don't like autumn.
While it is beautiful, it is seasonal so by the time winter rolls around you'll probably be looking for another wallpaper.

Bottom Line

Overall, this I wish I had found this back when autumn first started. It’s a great wallpaper with amazing visuals, no permissions, and the free and paid versions both hold great value. There’s very little wrong with this app for most people. It’s a solid all around experience if you enjoy the colorful leaves of fall. You can pick up the free version by clicking the button and you can access the paid version by clicking here.

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