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Suzana Dalul

Suzana has been an Android enthusiast since 2010 when she bought her first real smartphone - the HTC Desire HD. In her spare time, she likes reading fantasy novels, watching horror films and playing indie games.

Suzana's Posts

How to delete Amazon Prime Video history

If you've watched some embarassing shows on Prime Video lately and want to destroy the evidence, here's how to delete your history.
Suzana DalulJuly 14, 201973 shares

Best Hearthstone decks: How to master the meta and rise through the ranks!

Ready to climb the Hearthstone ranked ladder once again? Here are the best decks that will make your winrate skyrocket.
Suzana DalulJuly 14, 201955 shares

LTE not working? Here’s what you can do

Is your LTE connection not up to speed or not working all together? Here is what you can do to fix it.
Suzana DalulJuly 14, 2019274 shares

How to block websites on Android

Want to block websites on Android to protect your kids or prevent yourself from procrastinating? Here is how you can do it.
Suzana DalulJuly 9, 2019114 shares

Netflix account sharing: Everything you need to know

Not sure if account sharing on Netflix is legal? Or how many people can watch simultaneously? Here's everything you need to know.
Suzana DalulJuly 8, 2019134 shares

Spotify web player not working? Here are the fixes!

Is your Spotify web player giving you trouble? Don't worry, we are here to help you fix it. Here are the common solutions.
Suzana DalulJuly 6, 2019100 shares

Best action cameras: Capture your summer adventures

Don't miss the amazing moments when you go hiking, climbing or diving again! Pick a great action camera from our best list.
Suzana DalulJuly 4, 2019184 shares

How to fix the Google Play Store “download pending” error

If your Google Play Store download has been pending for hours for no reason, it's time to fix the issue. Here is what you can do.
Suzana DalulJuly 4, 2019513 shares

Steam not opening? Here’s how to fix it

Is your Steam client not opening? We're here to help. Here is how to fix it!
Suzana DalulJuly 3, 201955 shares

Best pet cameras: Keep an eye on your pet

Want to keep an eye on your pets while you are off at work? You can do so with a pet camera. We've put together a list of the best!
Suzana DalulJuly 1, 2019789 shares
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