Kevin Parrish

I started my online writing journey with video games in the 1990s, pumping out news, reviews and features for the likes of UGO, Voodoo Extreme spin-off Gaming Groove and more. I didn't jump into hardware/gadget coverage until 2008,

Kevin's Posts

AMD vs Intel: Which one is better?

A detailed breakdown of the AMD vs Intel competition, how they are different, and which one is a better choice for CPUs now.
Kevin ParrishApril 17, 2021

Get Netflix on the Xbox One console using these simple steps

The Xbox One is more than just a gaming machine. Here's how to get Netflix on Microsoft's console.
Kevin ParrishJanuary 24, 2021

Govee LED Strip Lights review: An excellent way to light up your TV and home

Want to illuminate your home with smart lighting? Our Govee LED Strip Lights review covers four kits for your home.
Kevin ParrishJanuary 19, 2021

15 best Chromebook apps available in the Play Store

The biggest advantage of Chrome OS is Google Play Store availability. Here are the best Chromebook apps on Google Play!
Kevin ParrishDecember 12, 2020

Verizon’s 5G network now available in 31 US cities (Update: More cities added)

Verizon Wireless 5G is now available in Little Rock, Kansas City, and Cincinnati, including 31 other cities.
Kevin ParrishMarch 23, 2020

How to download Amazon Prime movies and TV shows

Internet connections aren’t always reliable. Find out how to download Amazon Prime movies and TV shows here.
Kevin ParrishMarch 1, 2020

Get Netflix on the PlayStation 4 console using these simple steps

Sony's PS4 isn't just a gaming machine, it's an entertainment center. Here's how you can get Netflix on the PlayStation 4.
Kevin ParrishJanuary 21, 2020

What is an unlocked phone, and how do I know if my phone is unlocked?

What is an unlocked phone? How do I know if my phone is unlocked? We answer these burning questions.
Kevin ParrishJanuary 4, 2020

5G has arrived – here’s what you can expect from AT&T

5G is just around the corner. Here are AT&T's plans for the AT&T 5G network.
Kevin ParrishDecember 9, 2019

The rise of 5G: Here’s what you can expect from T-Mobile

T-Mobile claims it will have true, nationwide mobile 5G coverage based on industry standards starting on December 6.
Kevin ParrishNovember 29, 2019
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