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My name is Danic Filip, and I am an enthusiastic writer who incredibly interested in Android phones, tablets and of course, applications!.While I am an avid writer, I also vie to be a developer.

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Free RPG SoulCraft is now available an all Android devices

SouldCraft is a fantastic, free-to-play Android role playing game that was, for a long time, only available  on Tegra 3 devices via the TegraZone portal. As many Android ...
Danic FilipMarch 29, 2012

Watch the viral video of Peter the elephant playing with a Galaxy Note

The team that developed the Samsung Galaxy Note probably had a lot of things on their mind when designing the 5.3-inch beast. However, they probably never thought about how ...
Danic FilipMarch 28, 2012

Zynga is fattening up the cash cow: Draw Something to get big update

The rising giant of the casual gaming world, Zynga, has recently acquired OMGPOP, the struggling game developer behind the hugely popular Draw Something game for Android and ...
Danic FilipMarch 28, 2012

An Android tablet at less than $40? Yes, you read that right

Over the years, you’ve probably seen quite a few bargains online or at your local carrier. Remember the great $99 TouchPad firesale? Well, here is an Android tablet ...
Danic FilipMarch 27, 2012

HTC T328w Wind with dual-SIM and Android 4.0 out of the box spotted in China

This is a huge surprise and a refreshing story for fans of  HTC smartphones. An unannounced HTC phone was recently revealed in China, and reports suggest that it is ...
Danic FilipMarch 26, 2012

Instagram signup page goes live, the release date is near

Instagram coming to Android is bound to be the newest craze in the Android app world, with fans of the image sharing service finally having something to look forward to. ...
Danic FilipMarch 26, 2012

Ceramic Destroyer Game Review

Ceramic Destroyer may seem like a game that doesn’t offer a real challenge or much competitive play. However, the game mechanics will quickly prove you wrong and show you ...
Danic FilipMarch 26, 2012

Stumblr, an amazing & addicting Tumblr image viewer app – a review

We all have our own unique interests and explore them via different sources. Think about it for a second – how do you find the things you want? For more and more ...
Danic FilipMarch 25, 2012

5 Amazing Android Controlled Robots

Do you like robots? Of course you do! In fact, most tech fans love them! And it’s no wonder, they are really amazing. Some say that we can monitor the advancement of ...
Danic FilipMarch 24, 2012

Nokia patents vibrating haptic tattoos, future phone calls will tickle

As tech writers, we, at Android Authority, are pretty hard to surprise. We see all sorts of innovative, amazing, or downright mind-boggling technologies every day. ...
Danic FilipMarch 23, 2012
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