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Better living through chemistry: Screen coatings and cover glass explained

Display glass and surface coatings enhance the quality of the displayed image and protect the screen from damage and grease. Join us as we scratch the surface on exactly how they ...
by Bob Myers3 weeks ago

Reflection, glare, and… moths?

One of the most serious problems facing display designers — and one of the most difficult to deal with, especially in portable or mobile devices — is that of glare and reflections from ...
by Bob MyersMarch 31, 2018

The next quantum (dot) leap for displays

It's actually quite possible that OLEDs, once hailed as the next big technology after LCDs, could be bypassed without ever getting close to a majority share in the market.
by Bob MyersMarch 13, 2018

Don’t lose sleep worrying about blue light

What's the truth about this supposed threat to human health and happiness? Is there really anything to worry about here? As with most such things, the answer is yes — and no.
by Bob MyersMarch 6, 2018

Holograms and hollow promises

The vast majority of what we're being shown aren't really holograms at all.
by Bob MyersJanuary 2, 2018

3D or not 3D? Is that (yet again) the question?

The notable characteristic that each and every previous 3D craze has shared is that they all ultimately failed. Will things be different with VR?
by Bob MyersDecember 26, 2017

Smartphone VR: Another 3D fad or the real deal?

VR is getting a lot of attention in education circles, just to name one interested market, but how long will that love affair last if kids get severe eye fatigue from using it?
by Bob MyersDecember 19, 2017

Squeeze play: compression in video interfaces

In mobile devices, compression will give us the means for connecting high-res external displays — including VR headsets and the like — without chewing through the battery in short order ...
by Bob MyersDecember 18, 2017

The importance of gamma

"Gamma" has to do with how a display translates input signal levels into the intensity of output light. We show you how to understand the relationship.
by Bob MyersNovember 29, 2017

Display specs: the good, the bad, and the completely irrelevant

Believe it or not, some of the specs that are trumpeted the most really don't have all that much to do with whether or not the display is really any good.
by Bob MyersNovember 22, 2017
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