According to a snippet of a chat exchange with an AT&T rep, the Galaxy Note 5 update to Marshmallow should begin officially rolling out today and for the Galaxy S6 on March 14. While we can’t guarantee the information is correct, if you’re on AT&T and have a Note 5 you might want to keep an eye out for an OTA update.

According to the AT&T rep captured in the screen grab below, an internal portal has provided the dates for representatives, although it sounds like not everyone is telling customers the same thing. Either way, there is no reason for multiple reps to lie, so if you don’t see the OTA arrive automatically, you might want to go to Settings > About Device > Download Updates Manually to check for the update.

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Galaxy S6 owners on AT&T should keep their eyes peeled for the OTA on March 14 (or March 15, according to some other AT&T reps) and again, can hit the settings menu to check manually. With previews of Android N now out for Nexus owners, it’s about time Samsung’s carrier partners got Marshmallow out for last year’s flagship devices. If you want to see what Marshmallow looks like on the S6, be sure to check the video walkthrough here.

Have you got the Marshmallow update on your Note 5 yet? Let us know when it comes through!

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