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Nexus devices are known for being the first devices to get any update, but things can be more complicated in practice than they are in theory. At least that is the case in the USA, where carriers have total control over most phones’ updates, and they just so happen to always take their sweet time with them.

The AT&T Nexus 6 has been stuck on Android 5.1.0, even though other carrier versions of the handset already got the latest update (Sprint and US Cellular). The wait is finally over, guys. Reports of AT&T Nexus 6 smartphones getting Android 5.1.1 have been spreading across the net, and chances are yours is ready too.

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This would bring the Nexus 6 firmware up to version LMY47Z. The update is not exactly game-changing, but it should weigh about 81 MB, which makes WiFi not only a requirement, but also your best bet. The OTA update adds “stability improvements and disables Smart Lock feature when EAS password policy is enforced.” So you won’t exactly notice any huge changes in your user experience, but it’s always nice to be on the latest software. That is one of the main reasons why you even buy a Nexus phone, after all.

If your device is already eligible for the update, you can just go to your Settings app and check for updates. You will get a message saying your device is up to date if your handset is not ready, though. Once your Nexus 6 is eligible and you are connected to Wifi, the update will come into effect and you will get the usual notification and update prompt. Let it download and simply select “Install”.

Have you gotten your update yet? Do hit the comments and let us know if it’s all working as it should.

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