Motorola deserves some credit for sticking to its vision when it comes to the Moto Mods add-ons. Unlike LG, who quickly ditched its modular smartphone idea after one failed device, Motorola continued to push the concept with multiple new Mods, including several from third-party partners.

Hot on the heels of the Alexa-enabled Moto Smart Speaker, Motorola is planning to launch a new Mod developed together with AT&T, Android Authority has learned.

Called AT&T Mobile TV Cast, the Mod includes a stick that users can plug into any compatible TV set, allowing them to watch DirecTV Now on a larger screen.

AT&T Mobile TV Cast

Owned by AT&T, DirecTV Now is a streaming service that includes dozens of live TV channels, as well as on-demand content, with prices starting from $35/month.

According to information shared by a source familiar with the product, the stick is USB-based, but we’re not entirely positive that this detail is accurate, considering that other similar devices (Chromecast, Fire TV stick, etc.) plug into the TV’s HMDI slot.

Setup is said to be very straightforward, with no pairing process required. It’s pretty much plug-and-play, and casting doesn’t require a Wi-Fi network. DirecTV Now doesn’t count against data plans of AT&T subscribers (as well as T-Mobile Binge On users), so content will be streamed over LTE, presumably directly to the stick.

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Users will be able to continue using their phone while casting to the TV, and, in addition to video content, the stick can also be used to mirror the phone’s screen, including local media.

The Mobile TV Cast also features a built-in battery of 2,730 mAh, which will presumably allow the Mod to act like an external power bank for the phone. It likely also powers the tech used to connect the included stick.

We haven’t found any details about the AT&T Mobile TV Cast’s price and availability. Considering the functionality it offers (casting + battery), we can speculate that the Mod could cost under $150, though new DirecTV Now customers may be able to get it at a promotional price.

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